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What Do You Need to Know About LED Signs?

Looking for cutting-edge signage? Businesses are embracing the abilities of LED and digital signs to shine a spotlight on their companies. From vivid logo signs and colorful neon signs to programmable electronic message centers (EMC), the possibilities are limitless with LED signage. If you’re starting to explore LED signs for your business, this guide will highlight the key information you need to know.

Looking for 24-Hour Visibility?

Exterior signage instantly puts your business on the map, but illuminated signs take your visibility to a new level. These signs light the way at night, showing customers you’re available and open for business. Any business with late operating hours should strongly consider investing in LED signs. Not only will these signs allow you to outshine the competition, but they serve a practical purpose as well. In the dark or adverse weather conditions, these signs assist customers as they look for your location.

LED Signs Are an Eco-Friendly Option

LED signs are powered by light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which are tiny lights that use microchips to create a dazzling display. Something so bright wouldn’t be thought of as saving the environment, but these lights save power and money. Their energy-efficient design means these lights will also last longer than incandescent and fluorescent lights, so your sign will stay bright for years and minimize waste. Save valuable time and money while reducing your impact on the environment with LED signs.


Get the Classic Look of Neon

Back in the day, neon signs were the go-to option for illuminated signs. LED neon signs are the answer if you want to bring a retro and classic look into the modern era. Traditional neon signs use harmful neon gas to create their iconic glow. Nowadays, safe and energy-efficient LED lights can create an identical effect. Make your storefront stand out with a new take on a vintage classic.

Customize Your Message

Have you ever wondered if sign companies can make custom LED signs for businesses? The answer is an astounding yes! Custom signs offer an opportunity for businesses to connect to customers in a new way. These signs attract attention, communicate key messages, and leave a lasting impression on target audiences. To enhance awareness about your brand, consider electronic message centers (EMC). Program these signs with a variety of messages, graphics, and animations. With custom LED signs, the options are endless.


Ready to Learn More LED and Digital Signs?

Blue Orbit Sign Studio has the signs you need to illuminate your business and bring it into the modern age. Customize our wide selection of LED and digital signs to your business’s needs.

Whether you’re searching for a way to improve visibility or stand out from the competition, we can help. Our full-service sign shop is proud to partner with businesses in Huntsville, AL, to provide compelling signage products.

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