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Architectural Signs

Businesses need an effective strategy to attract customers while delivering the message of their brand. Sometimes, having just one or two signs is not enough to achieve this target. Custom architectural signage is a sign solution that strengthens a brand by using different signs in creating highly detailed and conceptualized designs to blend in a building or space.

“Architectural Signs” is an umbrella term that architectural signage companies use to describe a group of signs that are designed to match particular designs and themes throughout a business building or space.

Blue Orbit Sign Studio is not just another sign company. We are your trusted architectural signage company in Huntsville and Madison.

What Is Architectural Signage Design?

Architectural signage seems to be a complicated concept to grasp. Simply, these are signs that are designed to complement the building and the space around a business. This signage system serves several purposes but is often used for improving brand presence or for directional reasons.

This kind of sign’s designs are highly personalized, and the materials, font styles, and brand identity are weaved in throughout any project like this to keep consistent branding. Entrance signs and monument signs are examples of signs used in this design.

How Do Interior & Exterior Architectural Signs Work for Businesses?

There are several ways that architectural signs can be used within a business context. They include the following:

  • Landmark Architectural Signs: These signs are designed to be permanent. They are built with high-quality materials that are guaranteed to last for a very long time. Since they will be around for years, these signs are often used as landmarks, making businesses memorable. By installing these signs, you can thus become a household name in Huntsville and Madison.
  •  Directories: This signage is best for businesses with large spaces like schools, universities, hospitals, and the like. First-time and returning clients will be more satisfied with their visit if they can navigate your space with ease. Building signs, wayfinding signs, and other related signs improve traffic flow in your buildings, increasing clients’ overall satisfaction.
  •  Modernize Your Space: Modernizing your space with architectural signs and symbols will create a more comfortable and cozy space for staff, clients, and visitors. Since these signs are custom-made, designs and styles are guaranteed to follow the latest trends in the industry. Architectural signs are created with more finesse, and can complement a business’ brand ensuring that it will leave a positive impression on everyone.
  • Boost Brand Visibility: Architectural signs are used to promote a business brand throughout a building or space. Displaying business names, logos, taglines, and other brand preferences in places where they will be easily seen by passersby increases brand recognition. Being recognized just by the company logo or color is something that all businesses want to achieve. Creating this kind of recall will make customers remember your business for future purchases.

Your Trusted Architectural Signage Company in Huntsville and Madison

When searching for a dependable architectural sign company in Alabama, look no further than Blue Orbit Sign Studio. We are proud to design, manufacture, and install high-quality signs for any type of business. Call us for a free consultation or contact us online, and let us work together to create unique signs and graphics.