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ADA Signs

An ADA sign is a type of signage that ensures that your business is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This law mandates that signs be designed and manufactured to strict specifications to aid individuals with differences in ability both visually and through touch.

ADA braille signs are among the most widely known types of this kind of signage. However, ADA signage is not just limited to braille signs. This classification also includes signs that are made with non-glaring materials, have contrasting text, characters, and background colors, among others. Signs that direct or identify permanent or important spaces and facilities should be compliant with ADA requirements. These areas include, but not limited to, emergency exits, conference rooms, elevators, parking spaces and comfort rooms.

Why Do You Need Custom ADA Signs in Your Huntsville Establishment?

To speak plainly, it’s the law, and for good reason. ADA compliant signs ensure that those with differences in ability are still able to enjoy take part in your business, and all businesses, with as few barriers as possible. For example, for your visually impaired customers, custom braille signs are a must. Without them they can’t read the important information about your business that they need access to. Regulations in height of these signs also help ensure that wheelchair users won’t have trouble seeing important signage as they navigate your space.

ADA Signs for office in Huntsville, AL

Your Huntsville Trusted Partner for ADA Signs

Are you looking for a “reliable sign company near me”? Blue Orbit Sign Studio is the top choice of successful business owners in Huntsville because of our consultative approach to identifying and creating unique, visually appealing, signs. We take care of everything from planning and designing to manufacturing and installing your ADA braille signs and all other ADA compliant signage.

Our team is comprised of skilled experts that have years of experience in the sign industry. Our goal is to create a lasting client relationship that extends beyond the completion of the project. We accomplish this by making sure that customers are happy and satisfied with our work.

Blue Orbit Sign Studio Can Help You Succeed

We don’t just specialize in producing custom ADA compliant and braille signs. We also make all types of signage that strictly follows the guidelines set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act such as:

We work closely with you to understand your expectations and goals and ensure that they are met during the entire process.

Don’t wait to make sure your business has the right signage for ADA compliance, call Blue Orbit Sign Studio now.