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Stunning Custom Dimensional Signs for Huntsville Businesses

Raised letter signage is a proven means to draw attention to any business. In the bustling streets of Athens, for instance, buildings that have exterior dimensional sign letters stand out and get noticed. Custom dimensional letters project the desired brand image and provide information about your businesses’ products and services. The ultimate goal of any dimensional letter sign campaign is to drive customers into your business. 

Dominate your market and competition with strikingly beautiful outdoor dimensional letter signage that highlights your brand and promotes your identity in the consciousness of your target audience.

3D Signage Options Near Huntsville, AL

3D dimensional letters are so versatile you can easily have them customized according to your company’s marketing strategy for better branding. For professionally designed, manufactured, and installed custom dimensional signs in Huntsville, contact the sign experts at Blue Orbit Sign Studio.

Below are some of the widely used raised letters signage materials that Blue Orbit Sign Studio offers:

3D letter signs for business in Huntsville, AL
  • Aluminum 3D Letters : A favorite among businesses due its durability and customizability. These letters can be cut from flat aluminum sheets and painted with different colors that match your company’s color palette. Available in different thickness and sizes, these lightweight letters can be mounted almost anywhere.
  • HDU or High-density Urethane Letters, also known as high-density foam, are popular due to their versatility. You can have them fabricated to a thickness of three inches and in any color or finish you like.
  • Bronze Dimensional Letters : Cut bronze letters are popular among academic institutions and businesses that go for a classic look. They are available in brushed, polished or oxidized finish to achieve the style you prefer.
  • Stainless-Steel 3D Letters : Another best-seller among hospitals, hotels, and offices that want to express their commitment to excellence and quality. Also available in different finishes, this type of material is resistant to corrosion and can stand harsh weather conditions.
lighted dimensional letters

How Raised Letters Can Help Strengthen Your Brand

Dimensional letter signage gives your business a more professional appeal compared to 2D signs. The elegance and appearance of professionally designed and constructed signage inspires confidence among your existing and potential clients.

Our specialists seek to ensure that your dimensional signage is tailor-made to suit your branding and marketing objectives. We go the extra mile and conduct on-site assessments of your business location to advise as to where your dimensional letter should go and to comply with all local zoning laws. You can have the most expensive and exquisite exterior sign but if they are not properly positioned for your target audience to see, they are not as effective.

Work with the Sign Experts in Huntsville, AL

For highly effective dimensional letters and logos, businesses can trust Blue Orbit Sign Studio. We pride ourselves in our consultative approach to sign making. From planning to design, manufacturing to installation, our team of sign experts will work to guarantee that you get a signage solution that works.

Get a sign that stands out, call Blue Orbit Sign Studio now for a free quote.