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Get Noticed with Custom Monument Signs in Huntsville, Alabama

Make an elegant visual first impression by having a monument sign in front of your place of business, school or place of worship. Professionally designed and custom-made entrance signs serve to showcase your company’s name, brand and image at street level for all to view.  

Incorporate a freestanding monument sign into your current real estate and landscape design to showcase your business and to welcome all that enter. Blue Orbit Sign Studio is your local Huntsville and Alabama’s source for the design, manufacture and installation of an eye-catching monument sign. 

Options for Your Needs

No two organizations operate the same or have the same corporate objectives. In Huntsville and surrounding areas, you may see two companies offering similar products and services but differ in their company’s approach to business and overriding philosophy. Hence, these companies will differ in their visual marketing strategies.

At Blue Orbit Sign Studio, our visual communications specialists are focused not just in manufacturing superior quality signage but also helping each customer come up with a suitable signage solution that matches their unique business characteristics. Let’s begin with captivating monument signs.

Modern monument signs

Materials to Choose From

  • HDU Foam : This lightweight and durable material is able to resist rot, rust, termites and moisture making it an ideal option for outdoor signage. Monument signs made of HDU foam are versatile, durable and cost effective. There is no limit to the design and graphic capabilities with an entrance sign made of this material. For added curb appeal, enhance the monument sign with brick and stone accents.
  • Fabricated Aluminum : We often see this as cut 3D letters in various sizes and colors. Aluminum is a favorite outdoor signage material due to its durability, uniqueness and customizability.
  • Fabricated Aluminum Boxes : Coming up with a unique custom monuments sign is easy with fabricated aluminum boxes. You can add in cut three dimensional letters with colorful facades or stick to a plain brass or stainless-steel finish for that classic, elegant look.
  • Brick : A brick monument sign is a classic option that’s sure to impress, especially when your business requires something with a more rustic look.
Eye-grabbing monument signs

Light it Up for Greater Impact

Be seen and get noticed with an illuminated monument sign. Front lit and backlit monument signs are sure to draw attention and showcase your brand both day and night. 

To further enhance your monument sign, incorporate an Electronic Messaging Center (EMC).  “An electronic message center is a sign that is capable of displaying words, symbols, figures or images that can be electronically changed by remote or automatic means.”  There is no better way to distinguish your company and deliver your message(s) to a large audience near the entrance of your business than with a digital marquee sign.

Trust The Best Local Monument Sign Experts Near Huntsville, AL

Blue Orbit Sign Studio is laser-focused on providing outstanding customer service. We work collaboratively with you to understand your monument signage requirements and to devise a visual strategy within your budget.

Throughout the entire process, from planning to installation, our in-house team of experts is here to ensure your monument signs are created to maximize your brand exposure.

Get a monument sign that makes a visual statement. Speak to our sign experts now about your next signage need.