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Get Noticed With Custom Monument Signs In Huntsville, Alabama

Make an elegant visual first impression by having a monument sign in front of your place of business, school or place of worship. Professionally designed and custom-made entrance signs serve to showcase your company’s name, brand and image at street level for all to view.  

Incorporate a freestanding monument sign into your current real estate and landscape design to showcase your business and to welcome all that enter. Blue Orbit Sign Studio is your local Huntsville and Alabama’s source for the design, manufacture and installation of an eye-catching monument sign. 

Options for Your Needs

No two organizations operate the same or have the same corporate objectives. In Huntsville and surrounding areas, you may see two companies offering similar products and services but differ in their company’s approach to business and overriding philosophy. Hence, these companies will differ in their visual marketing strategies.

At Blue Orbit Sign Studio, our visual communications specialists are focused not just in manufacturing superior quality signage but also helping each customer come up with a suitable signage solution that matches their unique business characteristics. Let’s begin with captivating monument signs.

Modern monument signs

Materials to Choose From

Eye-grabbing monument signs

Light it Up for Greater Impact

Be seen and get noticed with an illuminated monument sign. Front lit and backlit monument signs are sure to draw attention and showcase your brand both day and night. 

To further enhance your monument sign, incorporate an Electronic Messaging Center (EMC).  “An electronic message center is a sign that is capable of displaying words, symbols, figures or images that can be electronically changed by remote or automatic means.”  There is no better way to distinguish your company and deliver your message(s) to a large audience near the entrance of your business than with a digital marquee sign.

Trust The Best Local Monument Sign Experts Near Huntsville, AL

Blue Orbit Sign Studio is laser-focused on providing outstanding customer service. We work collaboratively with you to understand your monument signage requirements and to devise a visual strategy within your budget.

Throughout the entire process, from planning to installation, our in-house team of experts is here to ensure your monument signs are created to maximize your brand exposure.

Get a monument sign that makes a visual statement. Speak to our sign experts now about your next signage need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Their average cost ranges from $150 to $400 per square foot. At Blue Orbit Sign Studio, most monument signs we produce cost around $275 per square foot. 

We have pylon monument signs, single building monument signs, post and panel monument signs, illuminated monument signs, and digital display monument signs.

Considering their size and extremely hardwearing qualities, producing monument signs requires a significant amount of time, labor, and expertise. Not to mention that acquiring a permit from the local government can take some time as well. If you want to understand better how the entire sign-making process works, reach out to Blue Orbit Sign Studio today.

Modern monument signs often begin with a solid core of molded expanded polystyrene or something similar, bonded onto one or more vertical PVC pipes that will later provide space for the sign’s metal anchorage. Various sub-shapes are individually molded, then assembled into the final, full monument arrangement. The completed structure gets sealed inside a thick layer of resin and fiber, urethane, or textured acrylic and then cured. This encasement process creates a robust shell that protects the monument against sun, weather, and incidental damages.

We start by manufacturing a foam core from EPS or expanded polystyrene and spraying it with a proprietary hard coat to protect it from termites, moisture, and rotting. Other signage details will depend on your preferences. With the help of our hardworking team, your monument signs will be highly resistant to extreme weather conditions and will complement your branding strategy.

Blue Orbit Sign Studio recommends choosing between brick masonry, poured concrete, stone, wood, metal, and plastic. For entrepreneurs who are looking for a more cost-effective alternative, choose foam monument signs with EPS instead.