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Supercharge your business in Huntsville with custom vehicle wraps and graphics

How can you effectively deliver your company’s information and brand messaging to a broad audience in a cost-effective manner?  Do you want to be seen and get noticed while traveling throughout Huntsville and surrounding areas?

If these are your goals, then vehicle wraps are the answer.  Effectively use the advertising space you already currently have available: your commercial vehicles!

Commercial vehicle wraps and graphics are a popular and eye-catching solution to deliver vital information to a wide spectrum of potential new customers.  Why not use your drive around the city to attract the attention of customers in need of your goods and services?

If you want to utilize your company’s car, van or truck as moving advertisements then Blue Orbit Sign Studio is your go-to solution.  We are the experts you want professionally designing and wrapping your corporate fleet

Want to minimize your fleet’s downtime? We schedule car, truck and van wraps to ensure minimum disruption to your schedule.

What are different types of commercial vehicle wraps and graphics?

You have the option of wrapping your entire vehicle, partial wraps or custom lettering and graphics. Here are the basic wrapping options available:

In addition to this, you can use a variety of different types of wraps:

Make sure your vehicle decals and wraps are made of the highest quality materials. Not all vinyl wraps are the same, which is why businesses in Huntsville, Madison and Athens trust Blue Orbit Sign Studio as the best local design and wrapping experts.

Best Vehicle Wraps & Graphics Examples

Why are we the preferred vehicle wrapping company in Huntsville, AL?

Custom vehicle wraps don’t just have to look good; they need to withstand the wear and tear that comes with being a road warrior. Getting the design and application right requires an experienced, knowledgeable and well-equipped team. Blue Orbit Sign Studio is the source for your mobile visual communications requirements.

We make sure we get the job done right the first time – no air gaps, frayed edges or messy designs. Here’s what we have to offer you:

Vehicle wraps for FedEx in Huntsville, AL

How do vinyl wraps help your business?

Bruce Mclaren Car Wrap In Concord - Sign Source Solution

Why should you work with an experienced vinyl wrapping company in Huntsville, Alabama?

Blue Orbit Sign Studio works collaboratively with you to bring your vision into full view.  With a full range of car, truck and van templates, our design experts assist with making the most of a vehicle’s usable space to maximize your information and messaging.  Our experienced team works in conjunction with you throughout the process to ensure that your wraps are graphical interpretations of your ideas.  We also ensure that the wraps are professionally installed for long-term use.

Blue Orbit Sign Studio is a full-service sign studio. Design, printing, installation and maintenance are our expertise.  Call us to talk about wraps for your commercial vehicles.