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Custom Channel Letter Signs For Huntsville Businesses

Are you a business owner in Huntsville or Athens looking for an excellent way to develop your brand and strengthen your presence in the market? A comprehensive signage solution that includes custom channel letters is a perfect option.

Blue Orbit Sign Studio offers a wide variety of custom channel sign options for businesses in Madison County. We produce three-dimensional indoor letter signs that light up lobbies and reception areas to exterior options that drive foot traffic to your establishment. Our in-house team of visual communications experts is here to ensure that you get targeted solutions for all your branding and marketing needs.

Types of Channel Letter Signs for Success

Fabricated Metal

Aluminum metal channel letters are popular because they are lightweight and rust-resistant. Using a computer-controlled cutting tool, aluminum sheets are cut and shaped into open-faced letters or logos into which lighting components can be installed.

The open face can then be fitted with a translucent acrylic or polycarbonate plastic that allows for a beautiful day or night viewing.

Plastic Letters

Acrylic channel letters are made of hollow molded plastic materials with plastic covers that snap over the base to protect the lighting mechanism inside. The face can be flat or rounded and are available in a variety of colors. Acrylic channel letters are a versatile solution to match your overall branding strategy.

Illuminated channel letter signs for business promotion in Huntsville, AL
Creative channel letters that stand out

Custom Channel Signs Lighting Options

Neon-Lit Letters

Despite the advances in technology and the availability of cost-efficient lighting options, neon continues to have a distinctive appeal. To protect the tubes from the elements even when outdoors, a transparent plastic channel is wrapped around them.

Halo-Lit Channel Letters

Also known as back-lit or reverse-lit letters, these three-dimensional letters are fitted with LED light bulbs at the back and are mounted 1 ½ inch from the wall or the building’s façade. When lit, light is diffused to create halo lighting around the letters.

Front-Lit Channel Letter Signs

Also known as standard lit channel letters, these signs are illuminated from the inside with LED lights. This allows the front or face of the letters to be lit. Constructed typically with aluminum backs and sides, with an acrylic front-face.

Front-Lit/Back-Lit Channel Letters

This type of channel lettering combines both front-lit and back-lit/halo-lit letters. This means light is emitted from within as well as the back of the sign. This creates a more stunning and eye-catching look that is hard to miss.

Doing different colors for the back and front lights is also possible for a more enhanced effect.

Open-Faced Channel Letters

This particular type is similar to front-lit signs, minus the acrylic front face. This leaves the lights exposed from within. This creates a neon effect that is unmistakable anywhere it is placed.

Queso & Jamon Boutique Channel Letter In Concord - Sign Source Solution
Wise Guys Channel Letter In Concord - Sign Source Solution

Uses of Channel Letter Signage

Channel letters have different applications that can benefit your business. However, the most popular way these are used in Atlanta is to identify your store or office’s business name.

Storefront channel letter signs are perfect for introducing your business to the local market. The many ways it can be customized enable you to create a sign that matches your exact brand logo. This is great for branding your business and creating a professional image.

Does your business operate during the night? Or do you want added visibility during the day? LED channel letter signs are an ideal solution. Having an illuminated business sign is a great way to stand out from the competition.

When you want a stand-out wall or lobby sign, channel letters are also the way to go. Their size and illumination make sure customers know exactly where they are when they enter your space.

Superior Channel Letter Signs Near Huntsville, AL

For high-quality channel letter signs near Huntsville, work with the experts at Blue Orbit Sign Studio. We use the highest quality materials in all our lit channel letters as well as the highest safety standards in the installation process.

We take a consultative approach to sign-making. This allows us to produce tailor-made signage solutions for each of our clients. From planning, design, manufacturing, and sign installation, everything is done in-house to guarantee unparalleled outcomes that work for you.

Find out how to use this striking form of signage to give your business a competitive edge, speak with a sign expert now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Channel letter signs are highly customizable. Thus, it means that the cost of your signs will greatly vary on their design, dimensions, illumination type, unique labor requirement, and more. Get in touch with Blue Orbit Sign Studio today to learn more.

We typically stick to aluminum and acrylic when manufacturing channel letter signs because they are incredibly durable and easy to work with.

There are four types of channel letter signs, namely:
  • Front-lit
  • Halo-lit
  • Combination
  • Open-face

Production time typically takes two weeks. However, you should also consider that you might have to wait for a longer time to acquire a city permit for installation.