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Pylon Signs for Your Local Huntsville Business

Towering above a business, high-quality pylon signs draw eye-catching attention at long-range distances. Is your place of business located in one of the busiest districts of Huntsville, Athens, or Madison and you want distinctive signage that showcases your business and brand in a larger-than-life manner?  If the answer is yes, this sign is your visual solution.

Will Pylon Signs Work for Me?

Unlike monument or post and panel signs, this signage extends above eye-level, typically in excess of 8 feet. Therefore, employing pylon-type signs as a visual means of communication requires a unique set of criteria. One of the primary factors when considering your sign is the location of your business. If your office, shopping center or place of operations is located along a busy street surrounded by other businesses, a high-flying sign that towers over obstructions will easily get you noticed. Similarly, if your business is situated along a remote highway, a pylon wayfinding sign draws attention of travelers and directs them to your location.

Branded custom pylon signs that carry your company’s distinct personality have a greater chance at becoming a major landmark in your neighborhood and are therefore perfect options for long-term investments. In no time, both locals and visitors will associate your brand with your location, making you top of mind whenever they think about your area or products you offer. 

Large pylon signs for business

What to Expect from Your Custom Pylon Sign

A pylon is a free-standing structure that is either single-sided or double-sided. Because of their height, pylons are supported by a single pole or two columns made of steel and require a concrete foundation. For durability, functionality and visual appearance, a commercial pylon sign is made of either a steel or aluminum frame with a rigid or flexible face. As with other types of signage, pylons are very customizable with limitless color and graphic options, allowing you to deliver your marketing message with long-range visibility.

For maximum exposure, illuminated pylon signs are integrated with LED lighting for 24/7 visibility. Additionally, this signage offers greater branding capabilities when equipped with an electronic messaging centers (EMC). An EMC is capable of displaying text, symbols, figures or images that can be electronically changed remotely, essentially writing messages in the sky! Commercial shopping centers, large multi-unit office buildings, churches and hospitals are ideal candidates for pylon signs.

Advertising business with custom pylon signs in Huntsville, AL

Where to Find a Reliable Sign Shop Near Huntsville or Alabama?

Blue Orbit Sign Studio in Huntsville has one of the most trustworthy in-house teams of visual communications specialists. Their team member’s collective years of experience in the industry plus their consultative approach to sign making enables them to produce top of the line pylon solutions crafted to suit each client’s unique marketing and branding needs. 

Blue Orbit Sign Studio: Your Local Partner for Pylon Signs

Blue Orbit Sign Studio is committed to providing exceptional customer service. Using only the highest quality materials and state of the art manufacturing techniques, we guarantee your satisfaction with every pylon sign we produce and install.

Create a sign that stands tall and makes a statement, consult our sign specialists now.