Exterior Signs in Alabama

Exterior signs are a powerful tool for any business to use (and should be using). They are the first point of contact with your existing or potential customers, which means making the right first impression is very important. Without this signage, you risk your business staying in the dark.

These signs are designed and strategically placed on or around a building to serve as a landmark, which will allow customers to find your business easily. The more creative the design, the higher chance a business has of having people see their sign from a distance.

This is the kind of investment worth making.

Custom Exterior Signs We Offer in Alabama

Blue Orbit Sign Studio is proud of the exterior signage we offer, which includes:

A great thing to do with your exterior signage is customize them in creative and interesting ways so that your business stands separate from the rest. A great way of doing that is by installing neon or LED lights to ensure that your business is visible at all hours of the day.

Uses of Custom Exterior Signs

These signs offer better branding, invisibility, and ultimately work as 24/7 advertising. They also offer:

Why Choose Us for Exterior Signs?

Here at Blue Orbit Sign Studio, we know just how important it is to have exterior signage that is more than just pretty. It has to get your branding across and separate you from the rest of the competition. We know that, which is why we make sure to take the time to fully understand your marketing goals as we create the sign.

We’ll be able to let you know what the cost of your signage will be after we learn more about the size, design, materials needed, and installation requirements. After that, it’s nothing but smooth sailing.

We give you an inside look at your project throughout the entire thing, so you can be at peace knowing that things are getting done. While we’re doing that, you can just focus on your business.

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