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Acrylic Signs

Acrylic office signs are an ideal visual display method for businesses in Huntsville and Alabama due to their glass-like appearance and durability. Clear acrylic is a blank canvas that lends itself to unique and customizable signage. By using different shapes, sizes and colors, this signage provides a modern and decorative method to visually emphasize your company’s brand.

Custom Rigid Acrylic Signs and Letters Manufacturers in Huntsville, Alabama

Are you looking for a durable, yet elegant sign solution that can enhance your business space? Do you want a cost-effective way to elevate your office, store, or building?

Acrylic signs are the perfect way to take any of your business spaces to the next level. They combine professionalism and durability, and elegance and sturdiness to create an exceptional sign system for any company. Given the versatility of this signage, acrylic signs can be altered to match your business’s aesthetic and incorporate brand guidelines, such as color, font, and shape.

Not only does this sign improve the visual appearance of any professional setting, but it also positively impacts customer perception of a business’s quality, offers more privacy to glass spaces, adds touches of branding to build brand recognition, and so much more.

Many businesses in Huntsville and Madison rely on Blue Orbit Sign Studio to deliver high-quality sign solutions, and acrylic signage is no exception. If you’re ready to learn more about how acrylic signs are the right next step, give us a call to speak with one of our representatives.

Why Acrylic is Better than Glass?

Glass may have its own unique characteristics, but because acrylic is more durable, versatile, and lightweight, it is often a more effective solution than glass.  In addition to its durability, acrylic is scratch and shatter resistant, making it an ideal option for busy office environments. Plaques, desktop signs or menu holders can accidentally fall off walls, tables, and shelves in crowded interiors. Invest in high quality acrylic signs and we will ensure that you are satisfied with your investment.

The office acrylic signs we produce at Blue Orbit Sign Studio for our customers are made of superior quality materials that are customized to their specifications to deliver an impactful visual message.  Partner with Blue Orbit to achieve the exact desired image using acrylic.

Useful acrylic signs in office

Cost-Effective Acrylic Business Sign Messaging Tools

Acrylic is known for its high customizability. It can be digitally printed, so no matter your design, we can make it into a reality. Whether you want to use them as decorative acrylic signs to adorn empty office walls, as lighted lobby signs to greet customers or as an acrylic sign board for special announcements, you are sure to have an impressive indoor sign that everyone will notice.

Speak with one of our in-house visual communications experts to see which design is best suited to your company’s overall image. Blue Orbit Sign Studio takes the time to consult with you and discuss your needs and preferences to ensure your signs are tailor-made for your business.

Custom made acrylic signs

Custom Acrylic Signs & Graphics for Your Business

Hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and financial institutions are just some of the establishments that use acrylic signs in Huntsville, Athens, Alabama, and surrounding areas. Below are some of the ways businesses use acrylic as indoor signs:

Don’t see the type of sign you are looking for? We will work with you to create the custom indoor signage needed for your specific business.

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If you’re looking for a talented sign shop in the Huntsville region to produce high-quality, impactful acrylic signs, you’re in luck. At Blue Orbit Sign Studio, our team of talented sign professionals are equipped with state-of-the-art design techniques and years of experience. This means they are ready to bring your signage vision to life, regardless of how complex or unique it may be.

We will begin with a consultation, where we will learn all about your business, your specific signage needs, and any goals you would like your signage to accomplish. This allows us to provide you with tailored recommendations and a quote. Once we have gathered enough information, we are ready to dive right into design.

Are you ready to get started today? Give us a call to book your consultation or visit our website for more details or to browse our past work. Don’t wait any longer to work with a signage partner you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

An acrylic sign is an acrylic sheet that is laser-cut for logos, designs, or other graphics that will be silk-screened on by a specialized company. The sign is usually made in two pieces, the base and the graphic. When put together, they make a wonderful, durable graphic for your team to use. 

Acrylic signs are sought after because they offer a low-cost, durable way to enhance your business or organization’s signage. The signs are available in a wide range of thicknesses, colors, and sizes. This helps to grab customer attention. You can use signs all around the business to help people find what they need. 

It’s a question we get all the time, and there is no quick answer. Acrylic signs can cost less than $50 or well over $2000. It all depends on what you want, how big it is, and how many colors are needed. For the most accurate number, give us a call. 

Your acrylic sign can be ready for pick up or delivered in as little as one business day. We work your order in as expeditiously as possible; please provide all artwork and make any changes to the proof at least one business day prior to pick-up or delivery. 

The perfect size for an acrylic sign is between 12″ x 15″ inches and 24″ x 30″. If you are designing this for indoor use, the standard size is usually 18″ x 24″, but if you are planning on using it outside, then I recommend that you go with a larger frame to ensure that your acrylic sign doesn’t get too much weather damage.

Now, if you are looking for a size larger than 24″ x 30″, then the acrylic sign will have to be cut into two or more pieces, so measuring your space isn’t an option.