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Custom Lobby Signs

What is your customer’s first impression when they walk through your business’s front door? Does your lobby area adequately portray your company’s desired image and brand?

Make a visual statement by incorporating uniquely designed reception signs or lobby signs into your interior décor. Prominently displayed signage with your name and logo showcases your company positively to those that enter.

Front Desk Reception Signs for Your Business in Huntsville, AL

There are several types of office lobby signs that you can choose from. It all depends on your:

No two signs are created equal. It is important to establish these elements before choosing a lobby sign. This ensures you pick the best sign that benefits your business the most.

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Manpower Group Lobby Sign In Concord - Sign Source Solution

Types of Office Lobby Signs

Impactful Corporate Lobby Signs

Creating a sign that makes a positive impression is not an easy feat. Here are basic tips that can help you start:

Custom 3D lobby signs

Advantages of Investing in Reception Area Signs

Making an impression is more than just presenting yourself well outside of your business. The lobby or reception area of your business is where your visitors are first greeted and may spend a considerable amount of time.

This space is the perfect opportunity to convey your company’s desired brand image. Well-designed and expertly manufactured office signs can make your business appear more professional and inviting.

Another way for custom office signs to help boost your company’s image is by utilizing them to display the company’s accolades and history. This way, customers can get a chance to learn more about the great minds behind the company’s success, its humble beginnings, its contributions to society, its achievements, and so much more.

Illuminated office lobby signs that stand out

Improve Customer Service

Lobby directional signs also contribute to your company’s customer service. These can help them navigate their way around your establishment. This is helpful for first-time visitors who may not be familiar with your business space.

You can even display other relevant information, reminders, and announcements using these signs. Customers, clients, and guests will appreciate your effort even when they don’t consciously notice this professional touch.

Backlit lobby signs enhance your business’s overall feel and ambiance. Make sure they are designed to complement your company’s branding and aesthetics. When done right, it can be the key element that ties all your interior design elements together.

Where Can I Get the Best Custom Lobby Signs “Near Me”?

A successful business should choose an experienced sign company that can make their marketing investment worthwhile. A trusted sign maker is equipped with the skills in:

This ensures your office reception signs will be top quality and will effectively represent your brand and communicate with the target audience.

Blue Orbit Sign Studio works with you to fully understand your needs and expectations. This enables us to deliver your business needs. Our goal is to develop a partnership with our clients that goes beyond the completion of the project. That’s why we go the extra mile from start to finish. Whether you need office signage for reception areas or even outdoor office signs, Blue Orbit Sign Studio can do it all.

Your lobby needs to make an impact on every customer that walks in. Speak to our sign experts now and ensure you create the right impact in Huntsville, AL.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost of lobby signs ranges between $600 to $1300. Of course, it could also be more or less depending on the materials, design, and size of your signage. To get a better perspective of how much you need to spend on them, please contact Blue Orbit Sign Studio today.

Digital lobby signs combine modern and traditional marketing methods. Because of the additional electrical work needed, you can expect them to have a higher price range. To get a free quotation, reach out to our team today.

At Blue Orbit Sign Studio, we use flat-cut materials, such as acrylic, to manufacture the main body of your signage. We use metal or clear mounts to raise them off the wall and give ample space for LEDs to be attached. For lobby signs with metal faces, we make sure to paint the edges with silver to tie them all together.

At Blue Orbit Sign Studio, we follow the 2:1 ratio when designing your lobby signs. For example, if your wall is 12 feet wide, the signage should at least be 6 feet for it to look visually appealing and impactful.

We offer a wide range of lobby signs that can enhance your business’s space. Acrylic lobby signs radiate a classy and professional look. Metal lobby signs make your business look sleek and modern.

If you need a bright and vibrant sign, an illuminated lobby sign is a great choice.

There are a variety of materials possible for making an impressive lobby sign. Acrylic is a popular choice among businesses. This can be made into printed acrylic panels or cut into dimensional letter signs.

Metal or aluminum are ideal if you want a lobby sign that is durable and long-lasting.

There is no specific rule when choosing the exact size of an effective lobby sign. The size largely depends on where you decide to put it.

A few factors to consider are the size of the room, the wall dimensions, distance from the entrance, obstructions, and the like.

Installing lobby signs depends on what type of signage you choose. It is best to leave it up to the expert installers to ensure the job is done right.

This is especially crucial when you have larger signs or illuminated lobby signs. Professional installers ensure each element is accurately put together.

Depending on your lobby sign of choice, the cost can range anywhere between $100 – $10,000.

The price depends on different elements. This includes the size, material, design, light options, mounting options, and more. If you need your sign designed, that can incur additional fees. Installation costs factor in as well.