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Cabinet Signs

When you drive around the nearest commercial area or go to your local Huntsville or Alabama strip mall, you’re bound to see a variety of businesses that use a specific style of signage to promote their business. Successful promotion in the modern era needs signs that can perform multiple functions at the same time. They must be beautifully designed, visible from a long distance, and durable while remaining simple to maintain.

To meet all these requirements, Blue Orbit Sign Studio is your trusted professional that can provide a variety of sign types. Still, when it comes to effective promotion, one stands out: cabinet signs.

What are cabinet signs?

These box-shaped signs are usually large and rectangular, mounted on the side of a storefront facade. These electric signs are typically made of plastic and metal, with the synthetic material displaying the actual branding material and a metal frame encasing it. Because their shape and design allow for the use of backlighting on exterior walls, these marketing tools are also known as box or wall signs.

Types of Electronic and Illuminated Signs

Cabinet signs can also be illuminated signs that display your company’s name and logo. Internal lighting for light box signs is provided by energy-efficient LEDs. This makes your sign and your business visible at all hours.

Custom cabinet signs for businesses can come in a variety of designs and styles. These signs are often mounted on the front face of a building, projected from the wall, or hung from the ceiling. These can also be installed on freestanding signage such as a monument or pylon sign. Here are a few types of cabinet signs we work on:

There’s no need to be concerned about the cost of cabinet signs because there’s bound to be a solution that works for your company.

How does your business benefit from these sign cabinets?

Cabinet signs are a popular and effective sign option among Huntsville and Madison businesses. Here are some of the ways they can help your business:

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