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Wall Murals Near You

Blue Orbit Sign Studio is a cutting-edge sign maker based in Huntsville, Alabama, dedicated to working on visually striking, high-level signs and custom wall murals for local businesses to promote their products and services.

What to expect from Blue Orbit Sign Studio

Our professional team of artists and designers is here to help you craft the perfect decorative wall murals, finding the best combination of colors, fonts, and overall design to drive optimal interest in your business.

As the leading wall mural experts in Huntsville, we’re committed to helping our clients perfect the best designs possible for their brand, combining product photographs, artwork, unique slogans, and customer quotes to maximize the potential impact.

Our designers can work with images and sources submitted by the client, or if you prefer, you can browse through a wide selection of stock photograph websites to help find the imagery to make your large wall murals really come to life.

We also develop 3D wall murals to create a vivid, eye-popping effect that is guaranteed to grab the attention of potential customers at a glance.

Unlike traditional wall murals, where an artist would hand paint the mural on your wall, our removable wall murals allow you to easily refresh the look of your workplace and update murals at a later date. This makes the entire process less expensive and time-consuming, with digital designs easy to update with new information to reflect changes to your products and services.

Wall Graphics for Office
Eye catching wall decoration with vinyl decals by Huntsville Sign Company

Wall murals for office spaces

Wall murals for your office space are an effective way to boost your Huntsville company’s branding, putting your organizational values front and center for employees and visitors alike with a visually arresting design.
The ability to tailor your wall mural designs makes it quick and simple to create new murals for different workplace contexts, allowing you to add new murals to office lobbies, conference rooms, and foyers to create consistent branding throughout the premises.

Wall murals for restaurants

In addition to office wall murals, we work in close partnership with restaurants and hotels to create large wall murals which enhance the desired atmosphere of the venue, using high-resolution digital images to ensure the mural wallpaper is of the very best quality.

Business wall graphics in Huntsville, AL

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If you’re a business owner looking for “wall murals near me,” Blue Orbit Sign Studio should be your first port of call when looking for the very best craftsmanship of Huntsville murals.

To find out more about our custom printed wall murals, whether you’re looking for traditional mural printing or would prefer to explore, contact our team now for a full consultation.