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Wall Graphics and Wraps

Do your walls talk?  Would you like the vacant and expressionless interior walls of your Huntsville business to deliver a message to those that walk through your business?  The walls and surfaces in your business are prime real estate to visually communicate your brand, image and company philosophy. Optimize these unused areas with creatively designed, manufactured and installed wall graphics. 

Wall Wrapping are great for Offices and Retail Store in Huntsville

Would you like the vacant and expressionless interior walls of your Huntsville business to deliver a message to those that walk through your business? Are you looking to add a “wow” factor to your business that also acts as an effective branding technique?

The walls and surfaces in your business are prime real estate for visually communicating with employees, customers, clients, and guests. You may be wondering, “what messaging can they communicate?” Your business’s brand, personality, aesthetic, mission, core values, desired environment, company philosophy, and more can be communicated through hand-selected graphics, images, phrases or designs.

Walls murals offer an extensive amount of versatility and customization, which allows business owners to be as creative, innovative, and specific as they want to be. Whether you run a restaurant with a food-themed wall graphic that showcases the exceptional products people should try, or you want to add a pop of color to your office to inspire employees, wall graphics can be created to achieve each of these goals and more.


It’s time to optimize the unused spaces in your business with designed, manufactured, and installed wall graphics. Tell us more about what space you want to transform, what goals you want to accomplish, and our team of designers will jump into action to curate your perfect graphics. 

How Custom Wall Graphics Can Improve Your Business

Transforming your walls into an interior communication center is easy and economical.  Whether you want to modernize your existing décor or self-promote your brand, custom graphics and decals for your walls are an ideal visual solution. Showcasing your company name and logo, highlighting your products and services or motivating employees with inspirational quotes is easy with office wall graphics. From simple vinyl wall decals to large graphical prints, your visual wall messaging is only limited by your imagination.  

A recent trend in graphics is wall murals.  These are large scale prints that can transform an entire wall and other flat surfaces such as elevator doors, floors and windows.

Because of advancements in printing technology and material substrates, the images or graphics that can be printed on the vinyl substrate is limitless.  Would you like to transform a wall in your office into a cityscape scene or give the appearance of long-range mountain views?  Custom vinyl graphics for your walls are able to take you there. 

Blue Orbit Sign Studio has an in-house team that specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing custom graphics for your walls for your professional space. There are many ways commercial wall graphics can promote your business:

Vinyl wall decals for office in Huntsville, AL
Eye catching wall decoration with vinyl decals by Huntsville Sign Company

Custom Wall Wraps and Wall Mural Printing Services

One aspect of investing in new signage is finding the right sign company to partner with. Quality is so important, especially for small to medium sized businesses that may have a limited marketing budget to work with.

At Blue Orbit Sign Studio, we work with high-quality materials, state-of-the-art equipment, and a team of talented, experienced sign specialists. This ensures that the products we design, manufacture, and install are long-lasting, creative, and impactful sign solutions.

Once we know more about your business and either what kind of signage you’re looking for or what goals you would like to accomplish, we will get started. Our team strives to meet your needs and exceed your expectations every time, so when you work with Blue Orbit Sign Studio, you work with a partner in success.

If you’re ready to kickstart your new sign project, give us a call today to request a quote or browse our website for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want the mural to showcase crisp design details even up close, we suggest a minimum of 300 dpi resolution. But if your mural does not have an incredibly detailed design, at least 200 dpi will suffice. Moreover, when taking your own images, make sure to use a 12-megapixel camera for best results.

Blue Orbit Sign Studio prefers smooth and even surfaces to showcase your design beautifully. However, if you prefer a more textured and rustic look, they can also be installed in grooved metal, brick, and concrete.

Yes, our team has the equipment to print your preferred design on textured wallpaper.

To prevent your mural from turning yellow over time, we can apply an archival varnish over the top. If your main priority is to protect your vinyl mural from minor water damage, we brush over a high-quality polyvinyl varnish instead. 

The easiest way to remove them is by using a blow dryer from its lowest temperature and gradually increasing it to its highest setting. Start at the top corner of the mural, and when it is warm to touch, gently peel off the vinyl at a 45-degree angle.

Our professional installers start the process by arranging your wallpaper panels in the correct order and marking the wall with straight lines. We then carefully apply the adhesive part of your mural, starting from the edges while making sure to smooth out any air bubbles or ripples. To make sure signage looks more presentable, we always remove excess adhesive with a clean sponge and warm water.

Wall graphics, also known as wall decals or stickers, are vinyl adhesives that can be applied to smooth wall surfaces. These can be printed and cut into any shape and form.

These can be used to add words, letters, patterns, and any other design to enhance your wall spaces.

Wall graphics are an easy and affordable way to enhance your business space. They are very versatile. Businesses can use these for branding, advertising, and decorating their walls.

These signs are also easy to install and remove. This makes it possible to keep updating your signs whenever needed.

Wall graphics have an adhesive backing which makes them easy to apply to any smooth surface. It is important to know exactly where you want to put them. Also, the surface has to be dry, clean, and dust-free.

To make sure that your signs are properly installed, our expert installers are here to help!

Yes! Wall graphics are easy to install and remove. Best of all, they won’t cause any damage to your wall’s surface.

Removing them can be as simple as peeling the graphic off the wall, while others may require extra care. However, these are made to come off at some point.

The cost of wall graphics depends on a lot of factors. This includes the type of vinyl used, size, design, and quantity. Design and installation fees can also be added depending on your need.

For example, a single vinyl letter can cost between $.60-$1.50 depending on the size.