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Premium Quality Custom Light Box Signs In Huntsville

Light box signs are typically made of durable aluminum boxes with translucent acrylic or Lexan sign face. They are illuminated from the inside to give them a hard-to-miss, yet elegant appearance. You may have seen them as bright sign cabinets outside restaurants, airports, hospitals and office buildings in Huntsville or Athens. Night or day, these uniquely visible types of signs get noticed and drive customer traffic to brick and mortar businesses.

Advantages of Using Light Box Signage

There are several reasons companies invest in outdoor or indoor light box signs instead of just flat or raised letters signage. Visibility and versatility are why backlit signs are an excellent visual communications method. Custom light box signs can be produced in a variety of sizes and a magnitude of colors allowing your message to be visible during the day and magnified at night.   

Some of the benefits of illuminated sign boxes for your business include:

Advertising light box signs in Huntsville, AL

Common Uses of Light Boxes

Custom lightbox signs are often square, rectangular, or rounded, but they can also be customized according to your preference. They are most commonly used to display your company logo or name using your brand’s colors to compliment your overall visual strategy. They are often seen indoors as lobby signs, cinema poster boxes or menu light boxes in fast food chains. Outdoors, they come as bright and towering pylon signs, post and panel cabinet signs, storefront signage or hanging building signs.

Outdoor light box signs in Huntsville, AL

We serve customers in Huntsville, Madison, and surrounding areas across different industries:

Blue Orbit Sign Studio: Your Huntsville Partner for Illuminated Boxes

Business owners in Huntsville and Madison who need custom light box signs can count on Blue Orbit Sign Studio to provide them with a customized signage solution for all their visual communication needs. As a full-service sign studio, we work collaboratively with you to plan, design, manufacture, and install your signs to ensure that every single product meets or exceeds your expectations.

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