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High-Quality Custom Fleet Graphics & Wraps In Huntsville

To reach their desired target audience, companies spend thousands of dollars per year on various advertising mediums to varying degrees of success. One of the most cost-effective and visually impactful advertising methods is fleet graphics.

Take your branding to the next level with commercial fleet wraps and graphics that drives results (literally!). Blue Orbit Sign Studio will work collaboratively with you to devise a visual strategy to use your current fleet to deliver your desired marketing message to thousands of people in Huntsville, AL.

Advantages of Fleet Wraps

Your business has invested a considerable amount of money into your corporate fleet, maximize your investment by converting the vehicles into rent-free mobile billboards. The visibility obtained by wrapping your fleet in company-identifying wraps is the best way to be seen and get noticed. In addition to a great bang-for-your-buck marketing promotion, you will reap several other benefits as well:

Protection from the Rigors of Daily Use

High-quality vinyl wraps serve as your vehicle’s second skin. They protect your car, truck or van’s original paint from scratches and daily wear and tear, thereby keeping them in good condition.

Wider Reach

While more traditional forms of advertising like billboards are proven effective methods of raising brand awareness, they entail recurring costs and have limited reach. Promoting your brand with custom fleet graphics reaches a wider audience and, the great part, is that you do so just in the normal course of your business operations. Driving around town, going from appointment to appointment, provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your products and services upon other commuters.

Elevate branding with custom fleet wraps on truck


Your one-time investment on fleet graphic wraps can generate leads and potential income for many years. Compared to other advertising platforms such as television, print ads or even social media, commercial fleet graphics have the lowest cost per thousand impressions due to their audience reach, visibility and longevity.

Strengthens Your Brand

There is no company car, truck or van that does not benefit from a message-delivering custom wrap. Whether you are a small business with one vehicle delivering goods and services in the county or a multi-national company with a fleet of delivery vans and trucks, having your company name, logo and information wrapped onto your vehicles maximizes your exposure exponentially.

Fleet graphics for Coca Cola truck

How to Make the Most of Your Fleet Vinyl Decals

To ensure you make the most of your automobile graphics, consider your intended messaging and what you hope to achieve with your decals. Our graphics specialists at Blue Orbit Sign Studio can help you plan and design a powerful message for your fleet. Your target audience, the nature of your business, and your company’s visual branding is among the important factors we consider in designing your wraps. 

The Best Vinyl Decals Provider Near Me

No other vehicle wraps and decals provider in Huntsville and Madison can provide the same level of customer satisfaction as Blue Orbit Sign Studio. More than the superior products and services we offer, we help our customers achieve custom-made visual solutions that deliver measurable results.

The sooner your business’s vehicle assets are fully utilized to deliver your message in Huntsville and surrounding areas, the better. Speak to our graphic designers now to find the perfect design for your fleet.