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Blade Signs Near You

Marketing your company’s name starts as simply as increasing the visibility of your business’s location. Blade signs let people walking or driving by see your locations long before they can see your company’s name over the door or in a window. With indoor and outdoor applications, your business can increase its foot traffic with the addition of blade signs near the entrances.

What Is a Blade Sign?

A blade sign stands perpendicular to the wall or posts it connects to. Since it stands out from the surface, people nearby can quickly see it. These signs come in a variety of forms with multiple applications to benefit almost any business.

Advertising exterior signs for Heavenly Buffaloes
Advertising exterior signs for Heavenly Buffaloes

Types of Blade Signs for Your Huntsville Business

Blade signs come in different shapes, sizes, and orientations. When creating these signs, choose the type that matches your business aesthetic and location. Some available options for these signs include the following:

  • Hanging blade signs: A frame that stands out at a 90-degree angle from the wall holds the sign below it. These signs may swing freely, giving them a traditional appearance.
  • Vertical blade signs: Vertical signs have their support located above the sign itself. This overhead support may be a frame that allows the sign to hang or a fixed armature to firmly hold the sign immobile, even in windy conditions.
  • Horizontal blade signs: These signs stand out horizontally from their supports on a pole or building.
  • Illuminated blade signs: Many types of blade signs have the option of integrating lighting inside them to provide your business with extra light at the entrance and show your location in low-light conditions.
Outdoor hanging signs for business

Uses for Blade Signs

The versatility of these signs allows for indoor or outdoor use. They are highly popular in both fully enclosed malls and outdoor shopping centers to attract customers walking nearby. Plus, by customizing the type of material, fonts, sign type, and logo, you create a face to match your business’s personality and style.

  • Interior blade signs: These signs are ideal for shopping centers and office buildings to make your business location stand out and bring in foot traffic.
  • Outdoor blade signs: Businesses in busy outdoor shopping areas or business parks benefit from weather-proof outdoor signs to direct visitors and customers to their locations. Illuminated signs increase the visibility of businesses after dark.

What is the Cost of Blade Signs?

The cost of blade signs depends on multiple factors. Discussing your budget with a sign expert can help you find the ideal solution for your business. However, don’t forget that these signs can provide a return on investment by increasing foot traffic, which has the potential to raise sales and profits.

Best hanging signs in Huntsville, AL
Best hanging signs in Huntsville, AL

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