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Custom Signage Solutions for Restaurants & Bars

Making your establishment stand out and creating memorable experiences are the two main ingredients in the hospitality industry. Get your business noticed, attract patrons, and maximize your marketing potential with a trusted sign company in Huntsville, Alabama.

Make signage an impactful part of your marketing with Blue Orbit Sign Studio. Work with experienced signage professionals who can guide and advise you on advertising, marketing, and visual communication.

Book a free consultation with a Huntsville-based signage professional to discuss the needs of your bar or restaurant.

Design and Customize All Types of Signage

Identify, customize, and install high-quality signs that will help you make an impact with customers. We have one of the largest selections of outdoor and indoor signs in the city. Our team also designs and installs attractive vehicle graphics.

Outdoor Restaurant and Bar Signs

Name Signs for Your Restaurant

Display your business name, logo, and tagline on stunning storefront signs. We build and install channel letters, LED neon, metal signs, blade signs, and many more.

Storefront Signs

Install your business’s name, liquor license, business registration, and other essential information on premium signs. Choose from a range of materials and styles, including brass, metal, wood, and acrylic.

Bar and Restaurant Lighted Signs

Make your business stand out with attractive signs and attention-grabbing lighting. Choose from a range of lighting configurations that suit your needs and budget, including lightbox, halo-lit, front-lit, and backlit signs.

Sandwich Board/A-Frame Sidewalk Menus

Showcase chef’s specials, promotions, and your menu on high-quality sidewalk signs. Our A-frame signs come with a variety of sign faces, including chalkboard, changeable lettering, and menu holders.

Custom Indoor Restaurant Signs

Restaurant and Bar Wall Murals

Decorate your interiors with custom graphics, showcase your menu, and do so much more on wall murals. The best part? They are splash-resistant and easy to clean!

ADA-Compliant Building Signs

Ensure accessible experiences for all patrons with ADA-compliant door, wayfinding, and accessibility signs. Work with a knowledgeable team that will guide you on all aspects of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Custom Table Toppers

Table drapes, table numbers, menu holders, ‘Reserved’ signs, and more – we design and manufacture all types of table toppers.

Window Decals

Display your business’s name, menu, hours of operation, and more with window decals. Decals are one of the most cost-effective ways of turning windows into billboards.

Directional Signage

Guide customers around your premises effortlessly with directional arrows, bathroom signs, emergency signs, and more.

Public Health Signage

Enhance hygiene with essential signage for handwashing, wearing masks, sanitizing, and other cleaning best practices.

Vehicle wrap advertisement in Huntsville, AL

One-Stop Shop for Food Truck and Delivery Car Wraps

Spread brand awareness across Huntsville and Alabama with branded vehicles. A single wrap can get you as many as 16 million impressions every year. Plus, attractive graphics on food trucks have been shown to increase sales by over 20% as compared to plain vehicles.

Print, install, and transform your vehicles into mobile billboards with our team. We install full-body and partial wrap, vehicle lettering, and windshield graphics.

Elevate Marketing and Customer Experiences with Digital Signage

Digital signage is transforming restaurant marketing. It is helping engage with customers, raising satisfaction, and increasing order sizes. If you are adding or replacing an existing sign, digital signage needs to be at the top of your list. We install easy-to-use, versatile digital signs, including:

  • Digital menu boards
  • Interactive signs
  • Scrolling letter signs
  • Blinking door signs
  • Video walls
Burger Lab Storefront Sign In Concord - Sign Source Solution
LED signs of business

Large-Format Printing for Restaurants and Bars

Need to brand your space for an upcoming event? Need large banners for a pop-up event? Are you promoting new offerings or a new location? Large banners are some of the most effective marketing channels, and we can help you make the most of them.

Our team prints and installs all types of large banners, including:

  • Wall drapes
  • Pop-up banners
  • Sports venue signage
  • Event signs
  • Ceiling signs


High-Quality Bar and Restaurant Sign Printing Starts Here

Simply tell us your requirements and have our team bring your dream signs to life. We print everything from a single large sign to hundreds of signs for a city-wide marketing campaign.

We use digital printing presses, fade-resistant inks, and quality vinyls from suppliers like 3M and Oracal. It’s why your design looks sharper and lasts longer when you print with us.

Why Should You Use Custom Restaurant Signs?

Custom signs will help differentiate your establishment in Huntsville’s thriving hospitality scene.

Here’s how our customers use custom signs:

  • Spotlight their establishment with eye-catching designs.
  • Grow brand awareness with personalized signs that incorporate branding and logos.
  • Promote seasonal themes with personalized vinyl graphics.
  • Market catering and delivery services through branded vehicles.

How Can You Attract Ongoing Business and Brand with Custom Restaurant Signage?

We work with all hospitality establishments, including bars, restaurants, cafes, Airbnbs, hotels, and clubs for their signs. Receive knowledgeable advice from a team that helps you maximize value from your signs.

Book a free consultation to discuss your needs with a seasoned signage professional today.