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Five Outdoor Signs to Help Customers Find Your Business

Exterior signs are one of the first interactions customers have with your business. They set the tone for customer experiences, advertise your business, and have a real impact on your bottom line.

In this guide, we’ll explore five types of outdoor signs that are impactful in helping customers find your business. We will outline the unique benefits that each sign type offers, why they’re so impactful, and how they can align with your business needs.

Explore Our Top Five Exterior Signs for Your Business

Building Signs

Outdoor building signs are the quintessential outdoor signage for any business. Mounted on your building’s exterior, they are designed to reflect your business’s branding by incorporating your logo, colors, typography, and design. The signs also often match the exterior of your building to create a complementary look.

A well-designed outdoor sign acts as an advertisement for your business that is visible 24/7. It becomes an ambassador for your business’s branding and helps make lasting first impressions. In areas with high foot or vehicle traffic, distinctive building signs can help attract potential customers, driving sales overall.

There are a wide range of custom outdoor business signs for you to choose from, including:

The type of sign that is right for your business depends on the space you have available to install the sign, your industry, and your specific business needs or goals.

If you’re looking to attract the attention of passersby, consider installing your building signs at eye level or higher to prevent obstructions. You can even add illumination to your signage to make it more noticeable at night or in poor visibility. Each goal your business has can be addressed with the right kind of signage, and our team at Blue Orbit Sign Studio can provide you with tailored recommendations.

Channel Letters

Channel letters are individually built, three-dimensional lettering. Each letter has its own lighting and is installed separately, giving these signs a unique look.

Simply put, channel letters are one of the most eye-catching ways to display your business’s name and logo. They can be personalized to include your business’s preferred colors and font, enhancing its brand recognition capabilities. With vibrant lighting, these signs are highly visible, day or night, which is why they are perfect for retail stores, entertainment complexes, and restaurants.

Popular styles within this category of signage are front-lit channel letters and halo-lit channel letters. Each of these options casts a stunning glow that captivates onlookers. These outdoor signs for businesses are best suited for business entrances, as they easily identify your business and make a bold first impression on potential customers.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are large outdoor signs that are mounted on the ground. They often incorporate landscaping or architectural elements to enhance their surroundings, as they become a key part of the natural space outside or near your business. They are typically made from durable materials, such as metal, stone, and brick, to combine longevity and prestige.

These custom outdoor business signs are unmatched in terms of establishing your presence and building credibility. The signs are elegant and require a significant investment, yet customers take notice of these details when crafting their perception of your business. As they are effective in making an impact in your community, monument signs are commonly installed at large commercial campuses, shopping centers, and educational institutions.

Some of the most popular types of monument signs are:

  • Architectural signs – These signs match or complement the surrounding décor and incorporate the business’s branding elements.
  • Digital signs – This type incorporates a digital sign face, which can display scrolling text, real-time messages, or even complete videos.

Yard Signs

Yard signs are small, cost-effective, portable signs made of coroplast—corrugated plastic—and lightweight metal supports. They are popular advertising signs, commonly used to display real estate listings, political campaigns, and contractor ads.

If you’re looking for a great way to target your local customer base, yard signs reach customers right at your doorstep. These signs can be transported easily and installed on a plethora of surfaces, from a lawn to a sidewalk.

The two main types of yard signs are stake signs – also called H-frame signs – and sandwich boards. Stake signs are installed in soil or on front yards with the help of a stake. Sandwich boards – also called A-frame signs – can be installed virtually anywhere, as they are self-supporting.

To increase the visibility of your advertisements, install these signs alongside high-traffic roads, in residential neighborhoods, and any other areas where you think your target audience is present. That said, do make sure local zoning laws and the property owner allow these signs to be installed or displayed.

Dimensional Signs

Dimensional signs are large letters, logos, and/or symbols that are mounted on a signboard or a wall to create a raised effect.

The three-dimensional nature of these exterior signs makes them more recognizable than signs that lie flush against the wall or 2D signs. They are extremely customizable, meaning you can tailor dimensional signs to reflect your business’s branding.

Popular materials used for dimensional signs are acrylic, metal, and foam letters. Each of these options offer a premium appearance and excellent durability. Given the visually appeal of these signs, business owners often choose to install dimensional signs at prominent, visible spots, such as their entrances.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Signage for Your Business

Local regulations are an important factor in choosing the right outdoor signage for you. Huntsville requires business owners to obtain a sign permit before installing an outdoor sign. The city’s zoning regulations also outline guidelines for what type of signs and how many can be installed in any given location.

It’s also important to consider the maintenance requirements and longevity of your preferred sign. Building signs, for instance, require minimal ongoing maintenance and can be expected to deliver approximately ten years of flawless service. Yard signs, on the other hand, are temporary exterior signage; they last around six months and require daily attention to place and remove them from your desired location. Finding a sign that offers the best value for your budget is an important topic to discuss with your signage company.

Receive the Expert Support You Need to Install Custom Outdoor Signage

Outdoor building signs are expected to deliver a high return on your investment, as they are long-lasting, impactful, and recognizable.

At Blue Orbit Sign Studio, we work closely with you to ensure your sign’s design fits your overall purpose and embodies your vision. Our experienced local company can craft custom outdoor signage that makes all the difference for your unique business goals.

Book a free consultation today to discuss your needs with one of our signage specialists.

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