Commercial Truck Wraps

The Do’s & Don’ts of Commercial Truck Wraps

Commercial truck wraps are a powerful means of advertising your business outdoors. 3M found that this sign solution offers around 50 times the value as compared to a TV commercial or magazine ad. Truck wraps can be seen as many as 16 million times every year in a large city, effectively turning your vehicle into a mobile billboard.

However, there is a technique for designing effective wraps. In this article, we’ll explore the do’s and don’ts of commercial vehicle wrapping. From how to increase your impact to getting the most value out of your wraps, your business will understand how to maximize your investment.

What Are Commercial Truck Wraps?

Commercial truck wraps are vinyl graphics installed on a business’s vehicles. Whether pick-up trucks used for a towing business, cargo vans for a logistics operation, or semi-trailers used for long-distance shipping, these forms of transportation can be outfitted with eye-catching graphics and informative messaging. Vinyl graphics can also be installed on heavy-duty equipment, such as forklifts, off-road vehicles, and cranes.

Businesses typically use wraps to:

  • Brand their vehicles with the logo and business name.
  • Display promotional messages
  • Share contact information widely
  • Make their vehicles stand out
  • Increase the professionalism of vehicles
  • Identify their business for at-home appointments
  • Protect the vehicle’s original paintwork from scratches, scuffs, and general wear and tear

Do’s and Don’ts of Custom Truck Wraps

Truck wraps unlock a new dimension to marketing efforts by spreading brand awareness widely and cost-effectively. However, there are some aspects you need to pay attention to maximize these investments.

Show and Sell

Simply put, introduce yourself, showcase your products, and let people know where to find you. A well-designed wrap shouldn’t be too simple or too complicated. An effective design is one that grabs attention easily and clearly communicates your message without overwhelming onlookers.

Focus on Your Audience

Drivers spend approximately two seconds looking at other vehicles when they’re on the road. Therefore, your design must be easy to understand. Remember, your vehicle is a moving billboard, which means your audience must be able to see the design or messaging while moving and still understand it.

Ensure your graphics relate to and reflect what your business offers. For example, a large image of happy people may be visually appealing, but if you’re offering internet installation services, it’s better to be straightforward with your imagery. Ensure that onlookers will instantly know what you’re offering!

Always include your contact details on the wrap, including your phone number, website URL, address, and more. Easy-to-remember phone numbers are helpful, as people are unlikely to remember complex phone numbers.

Work with an Expert Designer

Working with a creative designer for truck wraps near you is critical. Wraps don’t mirror simple shapes like other graphics do, so you can’t just use your website or ad layouts on a truck. A skilled designer can help you adapt your branding and graphics to be visually appealing on a three-dimensional surface. They will also know how to cleverly use the vehicle’s curves to highlight certain design features, making your graphics more striking.

Seasoned wrap designers appreciate your feedback and ideas, though it is wise to listen to their suggestions as well. Full-service companies, such as Blue Orbit Sign Studio, ensure you’re as involved or as hands-off as you want to be during the design process.

Avoid the Automatic Car Wash and Pressure Washers

While vinyl is a durable material, routinely taking your vehicle into an automatic car wash will cause the design to fade prematurely. Additionally, those with brushes can scratch wraps, reducing their visual appeal and lifespan.

Pressure washers are also best avoided. If you do need to use a pressure washer, the maximum pressure you use should be 2,000 PSI. Also, ensure the water temperature doesn’t exceed 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Avoid Low-Quality Commercial Vehicle Wrapping

Wrapping is an intricate process involving design, printing, and installation. The quality of workmanship at each of these stages will determine the quality and effectiveness of your custom truck wraps. People will see your wrapped vehicles on the road every day, so it is vitally important to make a positive impression.

To achieve the right perception, work with a full-service, qualified sign company for truck wraps near you. Avoid the hassle of having to visit different companies for all the work required. A reputable company will also provide high-quality vinyl sheets, from companies like 3M and Oracal, which impacts the longevity and color vibrance of the wrap.

How Commercial Truck Wraps Pay for Themselves

Like any other marketing investment you may make, commercial truck wraps must deliver value. When designed and installed correctly, they’ll do exactly that. Wraps help you make an impact in your community, which is essential since it’s estimated that 85% of a business’s customer base lives or works within five miles of its location.

Wraps also allow for a business to be advertised 24/7. Day or night and parked or mobile, wraps will promote your business. Build customer confidence and position yourself as an established business with this kind of repeated exposure. The more familiar your brand name is, the more likely customers will make your business their preferred partner.

Wraps also feature no recurring costs. Unlike TV ads, magazine ads, and billboards, there are no monthly fees required to keep your advertisement running. One you install the wrap and finalize your one-time investment, it’s yours. With thousands of daily impressions, the cost per impressions ratio ends up being cents.

Putting Your Wraps to Good Use

Vehicle wraps are perfect examples of how a sign’s design can be effective at getting a business name out there. People will begin to instantly recognize your brand’s colors and associate them with your business. When the vehicle pulls up outside someone’s driveway for a package delivery, they won’t be startled by an unrecognized vehicle; instead, they will be comforted by a familiar name.

Work with a Reputable Company for Truck Wraps Near You

Blue Orbit Sign Studio is a full-service sign company that wraps single commercial vehicles and large fleets. We offer an all-encompassing experience that supports you from start to finish, as well as ensures your company vehicles can get back in action as quickly as possible.

Book a free consultation to discuss your business’s needs with our team today.

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