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5 Benefits of Light Box Signs That You Cannot Ignore

Light box signs are hard to ignore—and that is the reason why they are so popular with business owners in Huntsville.

From the colors, design, size, and the fact that they light up, these indoor or outdoor display signs are specifically designed to call attention to your business day or night. They are often one of the signs of choice for retail stores, restaurants, fitness centres, financial institutions and other business who want their sign to be noticed 24/7.   

Here are 5 Benefits of Light Box Signs That You Cannot Ignore

  1. Increase brand awareness and attract customers to your door. A well-designed LED light box sign creates an important first impression with customers. Your company story comes to life on your sign. By incorporating your company name, logo, colors and tag line, your customers get a feel for your company, what you do, and why they should do business with you. It is one of the most important
    advertising investments you can make.

  2. Custom shapes, colors and designs create a look that is uniquely yours: There are a variety of options in terms of shapes and sizes, including square, rectangle and round shapes. Signs can be customized to reflect the personality of your company and your brand.  

  3. Multi-location use.  Custom light box signs can be designed for indoor or outdoor use. They can be wall-mounted or designed to sit on top of a fixed base, such as a pylon or monument sign. This makes them an ideal choice for lobby signs, cinema poster boxes, menu light boxes at drive-thru restaurants and storefront signs.  

  4. Featuring 24-hour visibility. These signs are like a beacon of light, attracting attention day or night. They are typically made of durable aluminum boxed with translucent acrylic or Lexan sign face and the interior illumination gives the signs an elegant look. But do not let their good looks fool you—these are super durable, long-lasting signs that can last for many years, even in harsh weather conditions. 
  5. Save on energy costs compared to other signs. LED light boxes consume less power than neon signs, allowing you to save on energy costs. This is important when your sign is being used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You will be doing your part to help cut down on energy costs while effectively promoting your brand.

  6. Yes, we know we said 5, but…custom light box signs are versatile and reusable. You can simply change the acrylic faces to display different messages and graphics! They can also be designed single or double-sided for maximum exposure.

Blue Orbit Sign Studio is the light box sign specialist in Huntsville, Alabama. We will work collaboratively with you to create a custom look to enhance your company’s image and recognition for years to come. Call us now for a complementary consultation.

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