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What Are the Different Types of Window Signage?

Window signs are valuable investments for every business to accelerate their advertising campaigns and strengthen branding. With these versatile signs, there’s no limit to what your company can accomplish. From creating an eye-catching storefront to improving the customer experience, there is a window sign to fit your needs. If you’re only beginning to explore these signs, this guide will provide an overview of window signage and its benefits.


Window Graphics

Full-panel graphics transform windows with vibrant designs. These signs maximize the space of your storefront to provide additional branding opportunities or communicate important messages to customers. A professional sign company will work with you on the look of your graphics. Cutting-edge printing technology imprints the design on adhesive vinyl, which sign makers cut to fit the exact size of your windows. If you’re looking for impactful window signage, graphics are the answer.


Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals include logos and lettering to enhance branding or aesthetics. These products are also made from adhesive vinyl but don’t completely cover a window. With these signs, it is possible to supplement the information found on your primary business sign and communicate additional details, such as hours of operation or contact information, to passersby. They are also practical tools for crafting captivating seasonal or temporary displays in store windows.


Perforated Graphics and Decals

Perforated signs and decals are the current trend in window signage. These products are printed on flexible vinyl that contains tiny holes to create a one-way viewing effect. The sign’s design is printed on one side of the vinyl and, when installed, limits exterior visibility into a business. However, when viewed from the inside, perforated signs become invisible and provide a clear view through the window to the outside. These innovative storefront window graphics give businesses extra privacy, and protection from the sun, and allow natural light to filter into interiorspaces.


Window Film

There are many kinds of window film, but as a business sign, the most popular type is frosted film. This film imitates the look of frosted glass to create a polished and elegant appearance on your windows. They are suitable for professional offices, medical services, and salons. This type of sign can also be customized with branding features, such as your business name and logo. One of the most significant advantages of frosted window film is its ability to add privacy and security to businesses. If you need a polished and long-lasting window covering to improve the comfort of your space, consider the advantages of window film.


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