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The Top 10 Ways to Use Window Decals to Impress

Just about every store or business front has a window. They provide businesses a blank slate in which they can use window decals to impress and attract business. Here are the top 10 ways you can window decals for business and leave a lasting impression on your customers. 

1. Use QR codes

A great way to use custom window graphics to engage customers is with QR codes on your decals. Once an individual scans it, it can take them to your website or landing page. In addition, you can give them a coupon for scanning, which is a great way to encourage customers to shop with you.

2. Use as Privacy Protection

You can use office window decals to cover the windows and protect the privacy of those handling business in your store. One-way decals allow light to come in, and you can see out, but people walking by cannot see in. 

3. Decals on the Go

Consider adding commercial window decals to your vehicle. This is a great way to market your business to customers that might not walk past your storefront. 

4. Direct Customers 

You can use window signs for business to direct your customers to the right place. This is helpful if you have more than one door or access point to your store. Highlighting the correct entry helps to reduce frustration when someone is trying to find you.

5. Make it Artistic

While window graphics are great advertising tools, they can also be artistic creations. It becomes a conversation piece when you have a creative window graphic on your building. The more people talk about you, the more business you receive.

6. Digital Marketing

You can tie your window graphics into your digital marketing strategy. For example, you can promote your online presence by simply including your web address and social media names or handles.

7. Double Promotion

Double-sided window decals can be seen from inside and outside the building. With only one decal, you can get twice as much marketing. Therefore, it is essential to retain customers as well as attract new ones. 

8. Spark Curiosity 

You can make your window decals intentionally vague and intriguing. This makes people wonder what is inside and come in to find out. 

9. Attract Attention

You can use this marketing technique to market sales and promotions. If customers know you are offering a promotion, they are more likely to come in and make a purchase. 

10. Save Money

Window decals are cost-effective marketing because it has a high return on your investment. You are utilizing your own business office, so there is no additional cost for the advertising. In addition, there are no continual fees associated with window decals. Once you purchase them, you do not have to pay any additional money.

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