Truck wraps for advertisement


If you’re building any kind of business, chances are you rely on more than word-of-mouth referrals to generate new revenue. Every method for creating brand awareness will expand your total outreach within your target market. For example, your company probably has a sign on the building, a logo, a letterhead, uniforms, and name badges. These visual representations of your firm standardize the business culture. They also add legitimacy, which draws new customers in little by little. You can instantly expand consumer awareness by wrapping your company vehicles with a new mix of custom graphics. We operate a dependable sign studio in Huntsville, and we’re here to help!

Use Truck Wraps to Tell Your Brand Story

When you have at least one company vehicle serving the community, you can reap these benefits of truck graphics marketing:

  • Create a mobile billboard. Your work vehicle has four sides that can be decorated with custom print and graphics. We can help you plan how to communicate your messages on each side of the truck vinyl wrap.
  • Paint a picture of what it’s like to use your products or services. We create powerful images and supporting text that represents your brand story. For example, a bicycle shop might show high-energy graphics of professional cyclists.
  • Attract potential customers to your location. The large surface area covered by a truck wrap allows you to use different methods to draw customers in. Share your company name, address, telephone number, website URL, and other contact information. Explain promotions such as discounts for locals. Provide details about special features such as same-day appointments or free delivery.
  • Highlight your core values to build trust. As your work vehicle moves around town, it will create thousands of impressions per day on target consumers. They will become aware of your brand but getting more specific about your values might convince them why they should trust your business. They need text and images that convert them to buyers just like people who visit your website for the first time.
  • Include customer testimonials. Customers want to believe in your brand, and they may be influenced by local personalities. Even if your testimonials are from people whose names are not easily recognized, they will still add credibility to your overall brand.

Truck graphics are everywhere. We see these bright colors and photographic/cartoon images around town, and they become ingrained in our memories. When we need a product or service, we might first recall the brand name we’ve seen the most times on the road. If you are a local business, that’s the kind of name recognition you want to achieve. You also want your truck wraps to reinforce other branding efforts (i.e. print, web, and radio ads).

Trust Our Visual Communications Company

We operate Blue Orbit Sign Studio, a custom graphics company in Huntsville. Our designers are standing by to learn more about your current marketing needs. We will help you expand your name recognition by providing truck wraps that captivate audiences. If you’re tired of the graphics currently posted on your vehicles, give us a call.

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