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Have you ever been to a business and had difficulty finding the restroom? If the business fails to post a sign, it is inconvenient, and you must stop and ask someone for directions. This could be even more frustrating if you or a loved one needs immediate access to a restroom with handicapped amenities, such as a bathroom stall wide enough to fit a wheelchair or a toilet with a safety handrail next to it.

People with disabilities living in Huntsville or those visiting the area are likely to enter your place of business. They will expect that your business is properly equipped with ADA compliant signs and braille signs. What’s more, facilities are subject to federal laws requiring such signs. It’s important to determine the exact requirements for your type of business.

Why Invest in ADA Signs?

Signs say a lot about your business. There are two reasons to invest in high-quality ADA signs for your business:

  1. Complying with federal law by indicating where people with disabilities can get access to amenities such as bathrooms and parking
  2. Building a successful brand that is inclusive, which means people with disabilities will feel comfortable while navigating your facility

The Connection to Branding

When you equip your building and parking lot with ADA signs, everyone wins. There is a clear communication system that informs both visitors and employees where to find the appropriate facilities. These signs also help your workers share these locations with visitors. Everyone feels more comfortable knowing how to use the facility in different ways. No one is delayed or inconvenienced by the absence of signs.

We believe that signage helps your company create a sustainable culture. The alternative is building a brand where people feel left out or offended, which means they could leave your company behind and possibly damage your reputation. In that scenario which you want to avoid, one could argue that your business brought on the negative feedback because you failed to follow the law. Another scenario is that you could be sued for being out of compliance.

Get High-Quality Signs

We are here to strengthen your brand and help every customer and employee have a pleasant experience while in your facility or parking lot. We design and print high-quality custom signs that meet ADA regulations and look attractive in every location. If you are updating signs or adding new signs, we can create prototypes that match your existing signage. While there will be an upfront cost, these signs will enhance the overall look of your location and inspire trust in visitors.Look at the exact requirements for each ADA sign you will need and contact Blue Orbit Sign Studio for a free quote. We can make one sign and wait for you to test it out, or we can design a whole system of signs to update the entire building. In the end, the impressive visual results will be powerful for your brand!

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