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Turn Your Empty Walls into Advertising Space with Wall Graphics

If a picture is worth a thousand words (as the saying goes), imagine what an entire wall filled with wall graphics would be worth! This is the new and exciting way to enhance the interior of your business in a way that will get customers talking!
Rather than leave your walls vacant, you can use this prime real estate to visually communicate your brand, business philosophy, or promote a new product or service with custom wall decals and vinyl wall graphics.

6 Ways Wall Graphics Can Improve your Huntsville Business

  1. Decorating empty walls on buildings has become a popular trend with street artists in cities across North America. Now this artistic trend has ‘moved indoors’ as an innovative way for companies to promote their business philosophies, new products, or services, or set the scene or mood in their space.   
  2. Transforming your walls into giant message boards with compelling vinyl wall graphics sends a powerful and positive message to customers and employees. Showcase your company name, logo, mission statement or inspiring quotes. This can instill a sense of pride and motivate employees. Waiting rooms, lobbies, hallways and even elevator doors can quickly be transformed with wall graphics. 
  3. If you dream it, we can decal it! The possibilities are endless. Advancements in printing technology and materials means that we can print almost any image or graphic onto vinyl substate. From simple designs to full-size graphic prints and scenes, we can create the wall of your dreams. Would you like a majestic mountain as the backdrop of your hiking store? Done. Have an employee lunchroom that is drab and uninviting? Transform it into a Paris café scene. Have a wall that is cracked and peeling? We can transform the bad and the ugly into the good, the compelling and the Instagram-worthy! 
  4. Multi-surface capabilities. We can transform an entire wall or almost any flat surface and even enhance doors, floors, and windows.
  5. This technology can be used as an interior design tool to almost instantly (and economically) transform any space. Well-chosen graphics can create a sense of calm when used in a busy dental office, or a mood of excitement and energy for a dance studio. 
  6. Influence customer buying behavior and increase sales! Exciting graphics strategically placed near or behind sales counters may entice customers to make that last-minute purchase.

Our in-house design team at Blue Orbit Sign Studio in Huntsville specializes in designing, manufacturing, and installing wall graphics for your professional space. Contact us today to discuss the endless design possibilities.

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