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Turn Your Business Location into a Landmark by Using Pylon Signs

One of the most famous landmark signs in the world is “The HOLLYWOOD Sign” on Mt. Lee in Los Angeles, California. The original 50-foot high letters were erected in 1923 and originally read HOLLYWOODLAND to advertise a nearby housing development. Mule teams and tractors were used to help haul the panels up the steep grade. The sign quickly became a tourist attraction that epitomized Hollywood glamor. In 1978 Hugh Hefner threw a lavish fundraiser at The Playboy Mansion to raise funds to rebuild the sign with famous folks sponsoring letters at $27,500 a piece.  The original sign was rebuilt, this time using helicopters to place the four-story high steel-encased letters. The Hollywood Sign Trust, a chartered non-profit organization, preserves the iconic landmark sign for generations to come.

While landmark signs in your city may not be as famous as The HOLLYWOOD Sign, pylon signs have the potential to tell their own unique story and become a local landmark.

How Can Your Pylon Signs Become a Huntsville Landmark?

  1. Take Your Message to New Heights and Stand Out from the Crowd

Pylon signs tower above your business drawing eye-catching attention. They can be seen from afar,  making it easier for customers to find your business.

  • Pylon Signs Mark Your Location in a “Big Way”

If your business is located along a busy street or in a strip mall, a custom pylon sign will help your business stand out from the crowd and direct traffic to your door.  

  • Lights…Action! Lighted Pylon Signs Attract 24/7 Attention

Lighted pylon signs work to promote your business day and night.   

  • Branded Custom Pylon Signs Promote Your Company’s Unique Personality

A custom designed sign reflects the distinct personality of your company and increases the chance of your sign becoming a local landmark—especially when it has a unique graphic or shape, such as a giant fish or a six-foot high ice cream cone!

Ask the Sign Professionals in Huntsville How to Design a “Landmark-Worthy” Pylon Sign

At Blue Orbit Sign Studio, we stand behind our motto, “Signs and Graphics Beyond the Ordinary”. Our in-house visual communications specialists will work collaboratively with your team to produce a top-of-the-line custom pylon sign that’s uniquely crafted for your needs and guaranteed to get attention! Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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