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The Benefits of Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Sign Trivia: What has four sides, many colors, can move around town and is one of the most cost-effective advertising tools today?

Answer: Commercial Vehicle Wraps! Supercharge your Huntsville business with custom vehicle wraps and graphics, which transform your company vehicles into moving billboards with advertising capability on all four sides of your cars, vans, or trucks.

Here are Five Key Benefits of Commercial Vehicle Wraps:

  1. They Get Noticed!

In a sea of cars, vans, and SUVs, a vehicle that is splashed with a lifelike image of an icy cold beer is sure to get noticed! During rush hour, doesn’t that juicy burger shown on the back doors of a delivery van make you want to pull into that fast food place and grab something to eat? This is the power of suggestion provided by vinyl vehicle wraps on commercial vehicles.

2. Vehicle Wraps Transform Your Fleet into Moving Billboards

Why not use the space you already own and turn your commercial vehicles into eye-catching, moving billboards? Adding vinyl wraps or graphics to your company vehicles will almost guarantee they will be noticed all over town—on city streets and highways.  You can even park your vehicles outside your business and use them to promote a new restaurant opening, the launch of a new product, or a special sale or event.

3. Supercharge Your Business by Reaching a Wider Audience

Whether you have one vehicle or an entire fleet, your vinyl wrapped vehicles will be seen all over town, reaching a new and wider audience. This creates a ‘buzz’ as people are intrigued to learn more about your innovative company.

4. Cost-effective Advertising That Keeps on Giving with no Recurring Expense

Durable vinyl vehicle wraps are designed to last and last! After the initial investment, there are no extra costs for upkeep. Your portable signs attract a growing audience with minimal cost.

5. Customization is Key

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating eye-grabbing vehicle wraps! From complete commercial vehicle wraps to partial graphics, you can choose from matte finish, clear or see-through wraps, reflective or glow in the dark wraps. From simple, elegant designs to “notice-me” wraps and graphics, customization is key to ensuring the wrap effectively reflects your company image.

Trivia question: How do I turn my commercial fleet into moving advertisements for my company?

Answer: Call the commercial vehicle wrapping experts at Blue Orbit Sign Studio in Huntsville, Madison, and Athens, Alabama!

We will professionally design and install your vehicle wraps and can schedule your car, truck, or van wraps to ensure minimum disruption to your schedule. Call us today to learn how to transform your vehicles into moving billboards.

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