Custom Business Signs

Ready to Create a Custom Sign? Make Sure You Do It Right

If your business competes in a crowded field, you probably know that you need more than just a generic storefront sign — you need custom signage that sets you apart from the others and grabs your target audience’s attention as favorably as possible. But what kind of custom signs do you need, and how do you make those signs as effective as possible? Let’s look at some basic considerations for achieving the most effective results.

Key Factors When Creating Custom Business Signage

A top-quality provider of custom signs can give you plenty of creative scopes to work with, but if you make the wrong creative decisions, your signs may do little or nothing for your business. Pay attention to the following key creative considerations.

  • Application – What do you need your custom sign to do? Depending on the application in question, you might need to create an entire series of nameplates or office signs to lead visitors through your building. You want all of these signs to share the same aesthetic sensibility, from font selection to color scheme and materials. If you want to promote the company itself in a big way, you may need to invest in a wall mural or other oversized interior signage choice. Don’t forget to include a call to action so viewers know just what you want them to do.
  • Readability – Do you need to attract passersby from a distance? If so, you may want to invest in large-scale custom business signs such as oversized pylon signs (positioned near streets or highways) and illuminated or electronic wall signs. Readability makes all the difference in any sign’s impact, so go as big as your budget and local laws permit in such situations. Choose non-serif block letters that can be seen far enough in advance to give motorists a chance to exit. Select contrasting colors that enable the letters to “pop” against the backgrounds. Give the text enough space to prevent letters from blurring together in the eyes of viewers.
  • DurabilityExterior signs face a lot more wear and tear from the elements than interior signs. Ask your signage provider what kinds of sign materials, pigments, and finishes will bear up best in the long term. Remember, too, that UV coming through windows can still fade interior signage. This issue may affect where you position your signage, or it may dictate the need for special varnishes or coatings.

Your Source for Custom Signs in Madison

Now that you have a better idea of what kind of personalized signage your business needs and how to achieve the effects you want, turn to the recognized source for custom signs in Madison. Contact the team at Blue Orbit Sign Studio to discuss your needs and explore your many options. We can help you create beautiful, powerful signage that shows your business to the best advantage.

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