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Outdoor Signs: The Best Outdoor Business Signs Are Right Here

“Yes, no, maybe.” This is the internal dialogue your potential customers are likely having with themselves when they walk or drive by your business and are deciding whether to do business with you.

If you are struggling to reach a wider audience and attract new business, custom outdoor signage may be the answer. From outdoor monument signs, pylon signs, channel letters, and more, outdoor signs make the difference in people passing you by or deciding to say “yes” and come inside and buy!

The best outdoor signs are here in Huntsville! Here are a few signage options:

Pylon Signs

A pylon sign towers over your business and demands attention in a larger-than-life way. The sign can be illuminated to attract attention 24/7, from close up and far away. Situated in front of your business and in high traffic areas, these distinctive outdoor signs often become community landmarks.

Monument Signs

Stately and prestigious looking, monument signs are affixed to the ground and can be customized to match your building’s décor or reflect your company image. The solid nature of a monument sign helps enhance the solid reputation of your company.  

Pillar and Post Signs

These versatile and economical custom outdoor signs are often used by shopping centers and office towers to display a wealth of information. One or two pillars secure a display sign panel at eye level.  

Custom Channel Letters

Big, bold, and beautiful channel letter signs are a popular outdoor signage choice because they create a big impact. The lightweight and rust-resistant aluminum fabricated metal, or plastic channel letters are cut using a computer-controlled tool and shaped into open-faced letters or logos with interior lighting.

Neon and Non-Neon Outdoor Sign Options

Neon signs get noticed. The neon tubes are covered with a transparent plastic channel to ensure longevity and protection from the elements.

Raised Lettering Signs

Back-lit or halo-lit 3D letters can be fitted with LED light bulbs and mounted onto the exterior of a building to create a diffused or halo effect around the letters. Aluminum and high-density urethane foam 3D letters are popular choices due to their durability and ability to be customized, while bronze or stainless-steel dimensional letters add a touch of class.    

Trust Blue Orbit Sign Studio–the Preferred Outdoor Sign Company in Huntsville, Madison, and Athens 

We design, print, build, and install all types of custom business outdoor signs and work closely with business owners to bring your vision to life. We are proud to offer signs that go beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary to ensure customers notice your sign and your business for years to come. Call us today to claim your free outdoor sign consultation.

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