Monument Signs Huntsville

Monument Signs: What Are They?

Monument signs get noticed. They create an elegant visual welcome as they sit in front of your business, clinic, school, museum, or place of worship. They act like a beacon of light to attract a new and wider audience.

Outdoor signs are one of the most effective types of advertising. Custom monument signs are solid structures that generally sit on the ground, or close to it, and measure about five feet in height. This is the perfect height to be at eye-level to catch the attention of all who pass by!  

Stately signs such as this create a great first impression, which is further engrained with each time someone passes by your business.

Types of Monument Signs

There are about as many options when it comes to monument signs designs as there are businesses in Huntsville. Our design team can create a custom design that tells customers “This is Us!”

Here are some options:

  • Structures can be made of brick, stone, cement, wood, or various metals, designed to blend with your company’s architecture or the neighborhood.
  • Graphic designs, colors, and materials can be tailored to reflect the nature and personality of your business. Is your business vibe rustic and earthy? Chic and modern? Blue Chip Corporate? We can create an eye-catching sign which positively reflects your brand image.
  • Custom monument signs are non-illuminated or illuminated styles. Illuminated signs serve as a powerful tool to advertise your business 24/7. Digital signs and channel lettering allow you to advertise seasonal sales, special events or post inspiring messages. All of these catch the attention of potential clients, create excitement, and encourage them to stop in to see what you have to offer.

5 Benefits of Monument Signs

  1. Signs sit at eye-level to be in the direct line of sight and catch the attention of drivers.
  2. Due to their height and size, they are often more easily approved in certain jurisdictions.
  3. A solid-looking sign instills a message that your business is solid, reputable, trustworthy and are here for future.
  4. Illuminated signs are a highly visible marketing tool day and night.
  5. There are a huge variety of sizes, shapes and sign design options which can also be customized with your logo, corporate colors, and designs, while still being compliant with local ordinances.

At Blue Orbit Sign Studio in Huntsville, AL, we are passionate about creating exceptional quality custom monument signs to help our customers expand their brand awareness, increase visibility, and communicate their message in a distinctive, memorable way. Contact us today to discuss the many monument sign design options available.

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