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Your on-premise signage is a crucial component of your business success. Believe it or not, having an eye-catching sign does more than just catch eyes; it generates significant revenue. According to FedEx, 67% of customers have purchased an item from a store simply because the sign got their attention. 76% of customers entered a store for the first time based on their sign alone. And three-quarters of customers will tell another person about your brand if your sign stands out.

In other words, signs sell products. But not just any sign. You want bold signage that stands out against all the other stores in your area while generating customer attention. And when it comes to signage that “stands out,” there’s nothing quite like channel letters.

What Are Channel Letter Signs?

Channel letter signs (also called “LED channel letters”) are 3-dimensional signs made from a variety of materials (e.g., acrylic, aluminum, etc.) that sometimes use LED lights to illuminate each letter. These signs have large 3D channel letters (usually 12″ or larger) that are completely illuminated internally. They can also come in varieties like reverse channel letters — which are mounted away from the wall to give off a halo effect behind the sign.

Designing the Perfect Channel Letter Sign

As with any piece of signage, designing the perfect channel letter sign requires a strong partnership between the sign company and your business. You don’t just want a sign; you want the right sign.

When it comes to the actual design process, you have plenty of options.

1. Choosing the Right LEDs

Depending on how you choose to create your channel letter sign, you may have to pick from some LED lighting options. The LED lighting options you choose will impact the illumination of your sign. You can get hyper-creative during this process — since certain LED configurations will make your sign more impactful at night, during the day, and in certain conditions.

There are a few LED lighting options to consider:

  • Front-lit LEDs: The most traditional channel letter configuration uses LED lights inside each of the letters. This keeps the signage easily visible during the night, while the 3d letters make it impactful during the day.
  • Reverse Channel Letters: Like front-lit LEDs, reverse channel letters use LEDs to light the sign. But, instead of putting the LEDs inside the letters, the lights are put behind each letter and the sign is mounted away from the surface. This creates a halo effect that illuminates the surface behind each letter.
  • Reverse and Front-lit: You can also get a combination of both front-lit and back-lit (i.e., reverse) to give your sign even more brightness and profile.
  • Neon: Open-face channel letter signs use neon inside each letter instead of LEDs. This gives your sign a more “classic” feel, and we see this type of channel letter sign used across industries including theaters, car shops, coffee shops, and bakeries.

Of course, you don’t have to have LED lighting. If you feel like LED lights are a little too bold for your brand image, feel free to exclude them!

2. Color Matters

While the position of your LED/neon lights is an important consideration, their color is even more crucial. Using brand colors boosts consumer recognition by 80%. And when consumers are thinking about buying a product, 93% of them will choose to purchase based on brand colors alone.

Due to the nature of channel letter signs, you can illuminate each letter in a different color, giving you the freedom to get creative with your brand colors.

3. Visibility Creates Sales

There are multiple elements that go into creating a visible sign. For starters, you have the font. The size, shape, and stylization of your font all play a role in your sign’s visibility. Again, this is something to discuss with the designers at Blue Orbit Sign Studio  — since your font will also be a representation of your brand.

You also have mounting to consider. You can use raceway mounts, flush mounts, wireway mounts, and a variety of other mounts to customize the look and feel of your signage. Finally, the positioning of your channel letter sign also impacts how noticeable it is to customers. There are plenty of ways to create a distinct sign outside of LED lighting, and you should think about the overall presentation of your sign.

Are You Ready to Create the Perfect Channel Letter Sign?

Your signage is the gateway to your company. It’s your 24/7 marketing campaign that has permanent real estate right outside your store. At Blue Orbit Sign Studio, we understand what it takes to create a compelling, one-of-a-kind channel letter sign that will capture attention and drive demand. Are you ready to work with a sign company that will work with you to deliver the perfect product at the right price? Contact us.

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