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How an Effective Office Lobby Sign is Made

Have you recently entered a store or office that you’ve never been to before in Huntsville, AL? What was the first thing you noticed? Did you know right away that you were in the right place? How at ease did you feel coming into that space?

Huntsville Lobby Signs – Creating the Right Impression

Lobby signs play a huge role in creating the right first impression for your business. Although some may argue that outdoor signs have that job, the sign inside your lobby drives that impression. It is how you begin a positive customer experience.

An effective custom lobby sign can:

  • Give customers a warm welcome.
  • Let visitors know that they came to the right place.
  • Showcase your history and accolades.
  • Create a professional image of your business.

Let’s look at the different elements that make office lobby signs add value to your business.

The Right Branding

One of the essential factors of impactful signage is branding. You want to make sure that visitors know exactly who you are the moment they walk into your space.

Branding is how customers identify your business and set you apart from the rest. A unique company logo and brand colors that go well with your company are a good way to show off your brand.

The Right Materials

Choosing the right materials impacts the kind of impression you leave your customers. It shows your attention to detail and the kind of quality you value as a business.

Make sure your custom lobby signs create a memorable impact by choosing high-quality materials that last.

The Right Message

An effective sign sends the right message to its audience. Whether you choose wall graphics or a custom 3D office lobby sign, a sign that works gets your message across.

Your sign must reflect the type of message you want to convey. This can be done through design elements that reflect your business.

Choose fonts that are readable from a distance. This allows customers to identify and build familiarity with your brand even from afar. Colors that complement each other and reflect the nature of your business can also make your message clearer.

The Right Placement

Creating the right impression can take only a few seconds. Make those seconds count by making sure your sign has optimum visibility inside your space. You want to make sure that it is in the direct line of sight of visitors entering your establishment.

Angles are also important. Walk around your space and ensure that no lobby fixtures are obstructing your customer’s view.

The Right Huntsville Lobby Sign Partner

One of the crucial elements of an effective lobby sign is choosing the right sign company to do the job. When you want the job done right the first time, Blue Orbit Sign Studio can help!

We are a full-service sign company in Huntsville, AL, offering high-quality sign solutions for your business needs. Our team has the right knowledge and experience that can help you choose lobby signage that works.

Whether you need a custom 3D office lobby sign or simple acrylic signage, we deliver it with precision and timeliness. Contact us today for a free consultation on your lobby sign needs!

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