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Get More Attention Towards Your Brand with the Right Mix of Trade Show Displays

No doubt we have all visited trade shows and have been drawn in by a display booth. What made us take the time to get a closer look? While an enticing display of products may have inspired us to stop and look, no doubt it was the attractive trade show signage that caught our attention in the first place.  

In a sea of trade show booth displays, how can you ensure your company stands out in the crowd? We can help you think outside ‘the box’ and get a look that, well, stops traffic!

Businesses in Huntsville are Getting Noticed with the Right Trade Show Booth Displays.

First impressions are important when dealing with crowds of people who will glance at your display and decide in an instant whether to stop. Effective trade show signs and graphics will get you noticed. How your display looks (and is perceived) is a large portion of what makes it—and your attendance at the show—a success.

Since every booth differs in size and layout, our team will work closely with business owners to understand their desired concept, messaging and create a portable trade show display that meets your needs. A trade show display is an extension of your sales and marketing efforts which works to increase your company’s message.

The quality and condition of your display and signage speaks volumes about your company. Old, faded, damaged materials reflect poorly on your company. High-quality trade show displays in peak condition show you care about your brand, and your customers.

Customized signs visually enhance your message, promote new products and services, provide effective wayfinding, and generate a buzz. There are many new and exciting materials and design ideas.  

An effective display is comprised of many elements which work in unison to create a great first impression. This can include backdrops, banners, retractable banners, Expo displays, pop-up displays, tabletop trade show displays, digital displays, hanging signs and more.  

Portable trade show displays must be durable enough to take a lot of wear and tear. The show is opening soon—excitement is mounting, and everyone is putting up a display with great care. Days later, the show is over, and everyone is in a hurry to pack up and get home. We use only durable, high-quality materials that can stand up to the rough and tumble of packing and unpacking, being bumped and knocked, yet lightweight enough to be portable.   

A Sign Studio You Can Trust

At Blue Orbit Sign Studio in Huntsville, Alabama, we understand that trade show displays are driven by vision, and we are driven by a passion for delivering a comprehensive visual strategy that gets your company noticed. Want your next trade show to be a huge success? Contact us now and we can help with that!

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