Exterior Storefront Signage for Business

Four Tips for Selecting Your Sign Company

In an increasingly competitive world, it is important to make sure your brand and message stand out. For any company with a physical location, that means ensuring you have the best signage possible. That, in turn, means working with the best company to meet your signage needs.

The Many Roles of Effective Signs

You can never let your selection of signage be a secondary consideration when you are setting up your business in a physical location. Your signs will play the standard role of letting your customers and prospects find you easily. However, they should be designed to achieve much more.

The right sign will stand out from the clutter of other businesses, helping to attract potential customers who may not know your company exists. It will also send a message about your branding and messaging. Your image starts with your sign, and it is the best place to start by communicating your creativity and professionalism.

You can also continue that messaging from the exterior to the interior signs in your spaces. By carefully designing a consistent flow and brand, you capture the mind space of those who visit you. You seize the opportunity to show that your firm pays attention to details and cares about execution.

Once you understand how important effective signage is to your location, you want to invest time in selecting the best Huntsville sign company to take care of your requirements. What are the main factors to consider in selecting that commercial sign company?

Four Tips for Selecting Your Huntsville Sign Company

It is easy to think that ordering a sign is a simple task you can relegate to any firm offering its services. However, if you understand the importance of your signage as a long-term marketing investment, it is worth seeking out your best option. Use the following four tips when looking for a commercial sign company near you:

  1. Experience & Reputation: Start by looking at the work a potential sign provider has completed in your area. You can visit the websites of all local sign shops, and you can look at the business signs installed in the surrounding area. Any established sign designer and the installer will have a portfolio of past jobs to highlight their experience. Also, check out the online reviews and comments from past customers. Platforms like Google, Facebook, Nextdoor, and other sites will often provide useful feedback from past customers.
  2. Capabilities: As with any industry, new technologies and capabilities provide you with creative options for signs. New materials, concepts, and installation procedures may offer you additional ways to stand out. Check with the potential sign provider and carefully evaluate their skills, starting in the area of design and creativity. You will also want to understand their ability to provide effective installation, repair, and support.
  3. Customer Service: You will often be on a tight deadline when seeking to get signage at a new location. Many signs will also require periodic maintenance and repair. Check to understand the level of capability and commitment in this area and evaluate the attitude and responsiveness of the staff when you discuss your signage needs.

The team at Blue Orbit Sign Studio wants to be the company taking care of all your sign needs. Call or click today to get our quote, and we’ll work hard to be your best choice!

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