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Floor Decals; Ensure That Your Message Does Not Go Unnoticed

Floor Decals Ensure That Your Message Doesn’t Go Unnoticed

Don’t just tell customers, show them the way.  That is what floor graphics do for your Huntsville company. They are like ‘following the yellow brick road’ to direct traffic flow. They are a unique and fun way to show customers how to find your shoe department or encourage people to try a new product.    

Custom floor decals can be designed to be almost any shape, size, color and communicate specific messages. Simply put, this innovative marketing tool offers a world of opportunity to get your message noticed from the ground up! 

Here are a Few of the Ways Floor Graphics Help Get Your Message Noticed:

  1. Engage visitors in a fun, unique way.

Vinyl floor graphics can encourage guests to follow the giant clown shoes to find their way to the toy department or follow the large dinosaur decals to discover the latest exhibit at the local museum.  

  • Encourage last minute sales or special offers.

Retailers or grocery store owners can promote a new brand of beer or new flavor of ice cream using innovative and customized vinyl floor graphics.   

  • Customize your message to stand out from the competition.

Floor decals can be customized to be any shape, color, or size. If you want to promote an airline upgrade service or the latest tooth-whitening system, customized floor decals can be increase product awareness and brand recognition. They also help set your company apart from the competition.   

  • Showcase company milestones or important corporate messages. 

Anniversaries, birthdays, andcompany milestones can beshowcased by using floor graphics in bright, bold colors or cut into shapes like a giant anniversary cake or in the shape of your logo. Logos and corporate messaging used throughout your business help increase brand recognition.  

  • Direct traffic and increase visits to certain departments.

Floor graphics can be used to help visitors find their way around your office or store. They can also be utilized to increase foot traffic to a certain area, such as the food court or gift shop.      

  • Protect customer and employee safety: during the current COVID-19 pandemic floor decals are proving to be an important tool to help keep people safe by marking proper social distancing standards.   

At Blue Orbit Sign Studio in Huntsville, Alabama, we use the latest design methods and printing techniques to handle large orders with quick turnaround times. Our inhouse team specializes in designing, manufacturing, and installing custom graphics for floors, windows, and walls. Call us today.

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