Exterior Storefront Signage for Business

Exterior Signs – Your Key to Advertising

Considering outdoor signage to be just as important as your website or any kind of digital presence is not wrong. As we continue to move towards a world where digital existence matters more than physical, exterior business signs continue to be one of the most basic ways that businesses use branding and advertising.

As far as laws are concerned, just like any other kind of advertising, exterior business signs also have to follow a particular set of rules. Whether or not they are based in Huntsville or elsewhere.

OK, So what exactly makes exterior signs so crucial for a business when it comes to advertising?

It’s Cost Effective!

If you compare the cost of exterior signs with billboard advertising, radio, TV commercials, or even banners on the side of the roads, it practically costs nothing.

Increases Profits

A prevalent market study has proven that a well-articulated outdoor sign encourages passersby. Basically, anyone who comes across the sign stops and notices it. So why not take that research and use it to your advantage? It means you can use it to convey a specific message if you want or trigger a particular response in your prospective audience.

There’s Brand Awareness and Relatability.

Most of the time, if you take one route to your office or workplace, you are more likely to remember all the shops and cafes you pass by on your way. With custom outdoor signs, it becomes so much easier to build a connection with your regular audience.

Give Yourself an Edge.

Digital marketing is practically taking over the world, so many people have forgotten how powerful exterior business signs can be. At this time, making sure that your business stands apart from its competitors is essential. And you can achieve that through having custom outdoor signs designed by professionals.

Signage = Salesperson

While you have to hire an actual salesperson to do your bidding online, exterior signs are much like silent salespersons communicating through visuals. Outdoor signs continue to be what are the primary links between the brand and its customers.

It Gives Your Brand a Personality.

More often than not, exterior signs are one of the first things a customer sees before they even walk into your door. That very first impression is crucial to what the consumer thinks about your brand from the beginning. A study suggests that more than 50% of people avoid going into stores with signage that is not up to the mark or does not resonate with them.

Is it worth spending your time, effort, and money on?


Outdoor signs are not only a branding display but the most powerful form of trust-building advertising. Just like you go and Google a company before considering them, imagine if their office was in some remote place with zero exterior business signage. Red flag, right?

Connect with us, and we’ll ensure that you have the best custom outdoor signs in all of Huntsville. The niche of your business doesn’t matter. What matters is how we present you out in the world. Blue Orbit Sign Studio does it best!

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