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Custom Office Lobby Signs: Feel Your Team Spirit

Your company’s team is the lifeblood of your business. You must always look after their morale and keep employees motivated. After all, they put in the work to make your business a success.

How Lobby Signs in Huntsville Affect Team Spirit

People spend an average of 8 hours at work every workday. This means a third of the day is spent around the same building or facility in Huntsville, AL. Creating an environment that employees want to be in for a third of their day is important.

There are plenty of ways to boost your workplace environment for your team. However, signage plays a key part in influencing an employee’s mind and emotions. And it all starts with your reception and lobby sign.

Lobbies are usually designed with the customer in mind. However, employees often enter the same way and pass by the same area. It is a great idea to include your employees when designing your lobby signs. Let’s find out why:

Keep Employees Engaged

An employee who is engaged is more productive and motivated to work harder. Engage your employees each time they enter your workspace with an eye-catching custom lobby sign.

It is a great reminder for your staff that they work for an organization that values their presence.

Showcase Company History

In some cases, office lobby signs would include the company’s history. Text and graphics showing how the business started and where they’re at are incorporated into the lobby area.

Showcasing your company’s journey to success tells employees that they are part of the same story. Getting to know how your business began can instill feelings of pride and hope in your team.

Display Accolades/Achievements

Another great way to foster team spirit using reception & lobby signs is through displaying your company’s achievements and accolades. Seeing them every time employees enter your space shows how proud your business is of the work you have done.

This sense of pride can translate to being more motivated to work harder. It shows your staff what you have done and what they are capable of achieving themselves.

Build Teamwork and Unity

Building your brand may be geared more towards your customers. However, it also benefits your employees. Custom lobby signs remind your employees that they are part of a brand working towards the same goal.

Just as it does for your customers, lobby signs instill your brand and what it stands for. This guides your staff on the type of products or services they should be providing and working towards.

Working towards building your brand creates unity and teamwork that makes your Huntsville, AL business successful.

Top-Quality Lobby Signs in Huntsville

Create a work environment that your staff is happy to be in. Let Blue Orbit Custom Signs help foster team spirit in your workspace with the right lobby signs for your business. Our expert sign makers will ensure we deliver your specific business needs along with excellent customer service.

Learn more about lobby signs and how they benefit both your customers and employees today! Contact us, and we’ll give you a free quote.

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