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If you believe in the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words,” then you will want to consider the possibilities of adding wall murals and wall graphics to your commercial environment.

A mural is a collection of one or more images that communicate concepts and emotions to viewing audiences. You can intentionally commission an artist to create a mural that expresses your brand. Or, you can choose a wall mural that expresses other ideas or feelings that you want customers to experience. The bottom line is that people who love aesthetic representations will definitely connect with wall murals when they visit your business.

The Power of Storytelling in Huntsville

As a business owner, you have the challenge of keeping your brand on the minds of targeted consumers. There are different buyer personas in your target audience. Each type of persona has their own wants and needs. They might also have different reactions to wall murals. When you add wall murals to your facility’s exterior or interior walls, you get the chance to tell a powerful story. A well-executed mural has the power to captivate an audience and strengthen your brand. At the same time, a wall mural can help employees feel happy in the workplace and proud of your brand.

What to Share With Target AUDIENCES

Here’s an easy way to plan what to share with target audiences in Huntsville through graphic communications. Explore the emotions that you want visitors to feel when they behold a wall mural in your building:

  • Should they feel like they need to buy something?
  • Should they feel comfortable about exploring your products or services?
  • Should they feel like they personally relate to the business owner and employees working in the firm?
  • Should they want to immediately convey their excitement to others who might also buy from your business?
  • Should they want to work for you because they absolutely love, love, love your workplace culture?

While these questions might seem to fall to one extreme of the customer experience or another, they could cross a consumer’s mind. Each customer has a different amount of exposure to your brand messages. He or she is at a different point along the buyer’s journey and has questions about where to invest. When targets reach the point of confronting their wants or needs and decide it’s time to buy what you sell, they will make a decision. They must reflect on everything they know about your company and then finish their transaction. If you’re lucky, other buyers will act on impulse, completing the journey more quickly because of what they feel when viewing your mural.

Invest in Powerful Visual Expressions of Your Brand

If you’ve been successful in creating brand messaging across other channels thus far, then your company knows it’s important to convert prospects into customers. A wall mural is one means of convincing newcomers why they should trust your brand. Your employees’ communications over time also help consumers decide if they want to give you their repeat business.

Blue Orbit Sign Studio can create different wallpaper murals, office wall graphics, and 3D wall murals that resonate with visitors and accomplish your marketing objectives.

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