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5 Benefits of Investing in Monument Signs

Monument signage is of monumental importance when it comes to promoting your Huntsville business! They create a good first impression of your business while drawing attention to your company name, logo, and messaging.

Did you know that certain studies have shown that 35% of people passing by your business will not even notice you without some sort of substantial outdoor signage? Not to worry—a custom monument sign will instantly draw attention to your business, school, clinic, or place of worship in an elegant, significant way.

Do not let business pass you by any longer!

Do You Know the 5 Benefits of Investing in a Monumental Sign for Your Huntsville Business?

  1. Create a Solid, Positive First Impression  

Affixed to the ground and enhanced with stone, brick, or other materials, monument sign designs look solid, elegant and draw attention to your business. They create a great first impression of your business and what you offer.  The solidness of the sign also sends a message that you are a solid, reputable, and trustworthy company to deal with.

  • Monument Signs Get Noticed and Make Your Business Look Important

These elegant, significant-looking signs get noticed in a big way. They look important and make your business look important as well. Think of the famous monument signage at places like national parks or historic sites. They honor the historic importance of a landmark. Your sign also honors the importance of your company to the community and allow you to stand out from your competitors.

  • Enhance the Beauty and Design of Your Building

Whether your building is a stone heritage site, a rustic log cabin, or a gleaming modern glass structure, your monument sign can be customized to enhance the architectural beauty of your building while serving as an impactful way to promote your company and your message.  

  • Promote Your Message at “Street Level”

Monument signs strategically located in front of your business, school or place of worship will catch people’s attention at eye level and draw attention to your entrance.  

  • Promote Your Company in a Unique Way with Messaging, Time of Day and More

Every company is unique. Your monument sign design should reflect your company’s image. Your sign can be custom designed in terms of materials, presentation and more and include attention-grabbing elements such as scrolling LED messages, a clock, etc.

Trust the Sign Professionals at Blue Orbit Sign Studio to Create, Manufacture and Install a Monument Sign Design That is Right for You

At Blue Orbit Sign Studio, we are proud to be your preferred sign company in Huntsville, Madison, Athens, and the surrounding area. Our team is passionate about creating top quality exterior monument signs that are custom made to deliver the visual communications message you desire. Do not let business pass by your door. Call us today for a free monument sign consultation. It may be the most important call you make for your business.

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